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Fundamentals of Biological Wastewater Treatment

Fundamentals of Biological Wastewater Treatment

Udo Wiesmann, In Su Choi, Eva-Maria Dombrowski

ISBN: 978-3-527-60957-4

Feb 2007

391 pages



This concise introduction to the fundamentals of biological treatment of wastewater describes how to model and integrate biological steps into industrial processes.
The book first covers the chemical, physical and biological basics, including wastewater characteristics, microbial metabolism, determining stoichiometric equations for catabolism and anabolism, measurements of mass transfer and respiration rates and the aerobic treatment of wastewater loaded with dissolved organics. It the moves on to deal with such applications and technologies as nitrogen and phosphorus removal, membrane technology, the assessment and selection of aeration systems, simple models for biofilm reactors and the modeling of activated sludge processes. A final section looks at the processing of water and the treatment of wastewater integrated into the production process.
Essential reading for chemists, engineers, microbiologists, environmental officers, agencies and consultants, in both academia and industry.
Wastewater Characteristics
Microbial Metabolism
Determination of Stoichiometric Equations for Catabolism and Anabolism
Measurements of Mass Transfer and Respiration Rates
Aerobic Treatment of Wastewater Loaded with Dissolved Organics
Nitrogen Removal
Biological Phosphorus Removal
Biological Wastewater Treatment with Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal
Anaerobic Treatment of Wastewater Loaded with Dissolved Organics
Membrane Technology in Biological Wastewater Treatment
Assessment and Selection of Aeration Systems
Simple Models for Biofilm Reactors
Modelling Activated Sludge Processes
Processing of Water, Recovering of Materials and Treatment of Wastewater Integrated into the Production Process
"…a straightforward, well-written and technically sound discussion of wastewater treatment." (Journal of Hazardous Materials, July 19, 2007)