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Fundamentals of Biophysics

Andrey B. Rubin

ISBN: 978-1-118-84245-4 October 2014 224 Pages


Biophysics is a science that comprises theoretical plotting and models based on contemporary physicochemical conceptions. They mirror physical specificity of the molecular organization and elementary processes in living organisms, which in their turn form the molecular basis of biological phenomena. Presentation of a complete course in biophysics requires vast biological material as well as additional involvement of state-of-the-art concepts in physics, chemistry and mathematics. This is essential for the students to “perceive” the specific nature and peculiarity of molecular biological processes and see how this specificity is displayed in biological systems. This is the essence of the up-to-date biophysical approach to the analysis of biological processes.

Fundamentals of Biophysics offers a complete, thorough coverage of the material in a straightforward and no-nonsense format, offering a new and unique approach to the material that presents the appropriate topics without extraneous and unneeded filler material.  

Preface vii

1 Dynamic Properties of Biological Processes 1

2 Types of Dynamic Behavior of Biological Systems 17

3 Kinetics of Enzyme Processes 35

4 Distributed Biological Systems. Chaotic Processes 45

5 Mathematical Models in Ecology 61

6 Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes in Biological Systems Near Equilibrium 77

7 Thermodynamics of Systems Far from Equilibrium 93

8 Physicochemical Principles of Biopolymer Structure 101

9 Intramolecular Dynamics of Proteins 121

10 Physical Models of Protein Dynamic Mobility 133

11 Energy Migration and Electron Transport in Biological Structures 141

12 Mechanisms of Enzyme Catalysis 151

13 Physicochemical Features of Biological Membranes. Ionic Equilibria 157

14 Passive Transport of Substances Across Membranes 171

15 Channels and Carriers. Active Transport 179

16 Transport of Ions in Excitable Membranes 185

17 Primary Processes of Energy Transformation in Photosynthesis 191

18 Energy Transformation in Biological Membranes 199

Further Reading 207

Index 209