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Fundamentals of Interfacial Engineering

Fundamentals of Interfacial Engineering

Robert J. Stokes, D. Fennell Evans

ISBN: 978-0-471-18647-2 December 1996 736 Pages


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"Fundamentals of Interfacial Engineering" provides chemical, electronic, mechanical, and biomedical engineers with a coherent, integrated introduction to the fundamental concepts that relate to interfacial phenomena with applications to different processes and product situations. This book emphasizes the importance of intermolecular forces in holding materials together within a bulk phase or across an interface. It outlines the fundamental intermolecular interactions that occur in all interfacial systems. The work also describes the properties, processing, and behavior of fluid interfacial systems and treats solid surfaces and interfaces.
In addition to being of direct industrial relevance, this book will provide engineering instructors with an excellent starting point for planning curriculum development in this important area.
Defining Interfacial Engineering.

Interaction Forces in Interfacial Systems.

General Properties of Systems Containing Fluid Interfaces.


Amphiphilic Systems--Liquid-Liquid Interfaces.


Polymer Composites.

Liquid Coating Processes.

General Properties of Crystalline Solid Surfaces.

Thin Films--Solid-Solid Interfaces Processed from the Vapor Phase.

Grain Boundary Surfaces and Interfaces in Crystalline Solids.