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Fundamentals of Menu Planning, 3rd Edition

Fundamentals of Menu Planning, 3rd Edition

Paul J. McVety , Bradley J. Ware , Claudette Lévesque Ware

ISBN: 978-0-470-07267-7

Mar 2008

272 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Understanding the fundamentals of menu planning is essential to building a successful foodservice concept since the menu is the foundation upon which a foodservice operation builds both its reputation and profit. Reflecting the latest menu trends in the restaurant industry, the authors show how research, surveys, and sales analysis are key to menu planning and design.Fundamentals of Menu Planning, Third Edition presents a complete overview of key aspects of menu planning, including designing, writing, costing, marketing, and merchandising a menu. The content in this edition is divided into three parts. Part I focuses on the evolution of the menu and includes topics such as menu trends in the industry, performing market research and creating a market survey, nutrition and dietary guidelines, and menu planning. Part II examines the financial aspects of menu planning such as performing a yield test, creating and writing standardized recipes, and recipe costing. Part III covers writing, designing, and merchandising the menu.

With this accessible resource, hospitality management students, culinary students, restaurateurs and other foodservice professionals will all gain a thorough understanding of how an effective and successfully planned menu is fundamental to the success and profitability of the wider foodservice enterprise.

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Chapter 1: New Trends in the Foodservice Industry.

Chapter 2: Market Survey.

Chapter 3: Nutrition and Menu Planning.

Chapter 4: Foodservice Menus.

Chapter 5: The Yield Test.

Chapter 6: Standard Recipes.

Chapter 7: Recipe Costing.

Chapter 8: Characteristics of a Menu.

Chapter 9: Sales History.

Chapter 10: Merchandising the Menu.

Chapter 11: Foodservice Equipment Analysis.

Appendix A: Descriptive Copy Exercise.

Appendix B: Descriptive Terms for Menus.

Appendix C: Words Frequently Misspelled on Students' menus.

Appendix D: Culinary Terms.

Appendix E: Measurements.

Appendix F: A Practical Guide to the Nutrition Labeling Laws for the Restaurant Industry.

Appendix G: National Restaurant Association's Accuracy in Menus.

Appendix H: Menu Marketing Characteristics.

Appendix I: Menu-Making Principles.