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Fundamentals of Optical Fibers, 2nd Edition

Fundamentals of Optical Fibers, 2nd Edition

John A. Buck

ISBN: 978-0-471-22191-3

Apr 2004

352 pages

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Fundamentals of Optical Fibers, Second Edition offers readers a timely and consistent introduction to the fundamental principles of light propagation in fibers. In it, the author reviews, in depth, fundamental wave guiding concepts, the influence of various fiber structures and materials on light transmission, nonlinear light propagation effects occurring in fibers, and various measurement techniques. Since the chief application of optical fibers is in communication systems, throughout the book the focus is on topics, which pertain to that domain.


Chapter 1. Selected Topics in Electromagnetic Wave Propagation.

1.1.  Maxwell’s Equations and the Fundamental Fields.

1.2.  Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Sourceless Media.

1.3.  Power Transmission.

1.4.  Group Velocity.

1.5.  Reflection and Transmission of Waves at Plane Interfaces.

1.6.  Material Resonances and Their Effects on Wave Propagation.



Chapter 2. Symmetric Dielectric Slab Waveguides.

2.1. Ray Analysis of the Slab Waveguides.

2.2. Field Analysis of the Slab Waveguides.

2.3. Solutions of the Eigenvalue Equations.

2.4. Power Transmission and Confinement.

2.5. Leaky Waves.

2.6. Radiation Modes.

2.7. Wave Propagation in Curved Slab Waveguides.



Chapter 3. Weakly-Guiding Fibers with Step Index Profiles.

3.1. Rays and Fields in the Step Index Fiber.

3.2. Field Analysis of the Weakly-Guiding Fiber.

3.3. Eigenvalue Equation for LP Modes.

3.4. LP Mode Characteristics.

3.5. Single Mode Fiber Parameters.

3.6. Derivation of the General Step Index Fiber Modes.



Chapter 4. Loss Mechanisms in Silica Fiber.

4.1. Basic Loss Effects in Transmission.

4.2. Fabrication of Silica Fibers.

4.3. Intrinsic Loss.

4.4. Extrinsic Loss.

4.5. Bending Loss.

4.6. Source-to-Fiber Coupling.



Chapter 5. Dispersion.

5.1. Pulse Propagation in Media Possessing Quadratic Dispersion.

5.2. Material Dispersion.

5.3. Dispersion in Optical Fiber.

5.4. Chromatic Dispersion Compensation.

5.5. Polarization Dispersion.

5.6. System Considerations and Dispersion Measurement.



Chapter 6. Special Purpose Index Profiles.

6.1. Multimode Graded Index Fiber.

6.2. Special Index Profile Optimization.



Chapter 7. Nonlinear Effects in Fibers I: Non-Resonant Processes.

7.1. Nonlinear Optics Fundamentals.

7.2. Nonlinear Phase Modulation on Pulses.

7.3. The Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation.

7.4. Additional Non-Resonant Processes.



Chapter 8. Nonlinear Effects in Fibers II: Resonant Processes and Amplification.

8.1. Raman Scattering.

8.2. Stimulated Brillouin Scattering.

8.3. Rare-Earth-Doped Fiber Amplifiers.



Appendix A: Properties of Bessel Functions.

Appendix B: Notation.