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Fundamentals of Physical Volcanology, 2nd Edition

Fundamentals of Physical Volcanology, 2nd Edition

Elizabeth Parfitt, Lionel Wilson, Laura Kerber

ISBN: 978-1-119-26664-8

Jun 2020, Wiley-Blackwell

288 pages

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Physical Volcanology is a comprehensive overview of the processes that control when and how volcanoes erupt. Understanding these processes involves bringing together ideas from a number of disciplines, including branches of geology, such as petrology and geochemistry; and aspects of physics, such as fluid dynamics and thermodynamics.

This book explains in accessible terms how different areas of science have been combined to reach our current level of knowledge of volcanic systems. It includes an introduction to eruption types, an outline of the development of physical volcanology, a comprehensive overview of subsurface processes, eruption mechanisms, the nature of volcanic eruptions and their products, and a review of how volcanoes affect the environment.

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