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Fundamentals of Refractory Technology



Fundamentals of Refractory Technology

James P. Bennett (Editor), Jeffrey D. Smith (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-37090-2 March 2012 314 Pages


This updated reprint provides up-to-date information on refractories technology presented by recognized experts in the field. Produced from focused sessions of two Refractory Ceramics Division meetings, refractory scientists from around the world were invited to provide overviews of the scientific principles related to refractory manufacturing and performance. The result is this informative volume and a current view of the Fundamentals of Refractory Technology.

Proceedings of the Lecture Series presented at the 101st and 102nd Annual Meetings held April 25-28, 1999, in Indiana and April 30-May 3, 2000, in Missouri; Ceramics Transactions, Volume 125.

Preface vii

1999 Focused Sessions—Indianapolis, Indiana, April 26, 1999

Particle Size Distribution as a Predictor of Suspension Flow Behavior 3
R.M. German

Rheology and Plasticity for Ceramic Processing 29
W.M. Carty

The Nature of Chemical Reactions That Occur During Castable Installation and Analytical Techniques
Used to Follow These Reactions 53
CD. Parr, C. Revais, and H. Fryda

High-Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Magnesia-Graphite Refractories 73
C. Baudin

Needed Fundamental Thermomechanical Material Properties for Thermomechanical Finite Element
Analysis of Refractory Structures 93
CA. Schacht

Porous Ceramic Simulation of Reservoir Rocks Determination of Porosity by Electric Permittivity Measurements 103
J. Lira-Olivares, D. Marcano, C. Lavelle, and F. Sánchez

Corrosion of Industrial Refractories 135
M. Rigaud

2000 Focused Sessions—St. Louis, Missouri, May 1,2000

Application of Thermochemistry to Refractories 157

Creep Measurement and Analysis of Refractories 171
J.G. Hemrick and A.A. Wereszczak

Corrosion of Refractories in Glass-Melting Application 195
S.M. Winder and K.R. Selkregg

Oxyfuel Firing Effects on Refractories 223
R.E. Moore, M.Velez, M. Karakus, and W.D. Headrick

Cold Setting Cordierite Castables 235
E.F. Aglietti, N.E. Hipedinger, and A.N. Scian

Different Types of in situ Refractories 245
W.E. Lee, S. Zhang, and H. Sarpoolaky

The Use of Modeling in Refractories 253
C.E. Semler

Bath Penetration of Barrier Refractories for Aluminum Electrolytic Cells 261
G. Oprea

Interfacial Phenomena 289

Index 309