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Fundamentals of Telecommunications

Fundamentals of Telecommunications

Roger L. Freeman

ISBN: 978-0-471-22416-7

Mar 2002

704 pages

Select type: O-Book


Demystifying the technology of telecommunications: a guided tour for the non-engineer
This book provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the complex technical world of telecommunications. From bandwidth to data transfer protocol to PSTN, ISDN, PCS, or ATM-widely respected telecommunications expert and author Roger L. Freeman explains it all. He walks the reader through a vast array of current topics, providing an encyclopedic overview of all branches of telecommunications-telephony, data communications, enterprise networks, television transmission, wireless systems, and cellular/personal communication services (PCS). Written for the layperson as well as newcomers to the field, this primer:
* Assumes no mathematical or technical know-how on the part of the reader
* Introduces all topics from the ground up
* Clearly defines all terms, illustrating them with tangible examples
* Features review questions at the end of each chapter, designed to test understanding and reinforce comprehension
* Includes one hundred figures to highlight the text
* Reviews, in three appendices, the most rudimentary of mathematical and electrical concepts, as well as decibels and their applications Fundamentals of Telecommunications allows sales, marketing, and management personnel in the telecommunications industry to better understand the various technical and operational issues that come up in the course of their work. It also gives investors and financiers a basic reference to draw upon when dealing with clients in this rapidly evolving market.

Chapter 1. Introductory Concepts.

Chapter 2. Signals Convey Intelligence.

Chapter 3. Quality of Service and Telecommunication Impairments.

Chapter 4. Transmission and Switching: Cornerstones of a Network.

Chapter 5. Transmission Aspects of Voice Telephony.

Chapter 6. Digital Networks.

Chapter 7. Signaling.

Chapter 8. Local and Long-Distance Networks.

Chapter 9. Concepts in Transmission Transport.

Chapter 10. Data Communications.

Chapter 11. Enterprise Networks I: Local Area Networks.

Chapter 12. Enterprise Networks II: Wide Area Networks.

Chapter 13. CCITT Signaling System No. 7.

Chapter 14. Image Communications.

Chapter 15. Community Antenna Television (Cable Television).

Chapter 16. Cellular and PCS Radio Systems.

Chapter 17. Advanced Broadband Digital Transport Formats.

Chapter 18. Asynchronous Transfer Mode.

Appendix A: Review of Fundamentals of Electricity  With Telecommunication Applications.

Appendix B: Review of Mathematics for Telecommunication Applications.

Appendix C: Learning Decibels and Their Applications.

Appendix D: Acronyms and Abbreviations.