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Fundraising on the Internet: The ePhilanthropyFoundation.Org Guide to Success Online, 2nd Edition



Fundraising on the Internet: The ePhilanthropyFoundation.Org Guide to Success Online, 2nd Edition

Mal Warwick (Editor), Ted Hart (Editor), Nick Allen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-787-96045-2 November 2001 Jossey-Bass 320 Pages


In this second edition of the popular Fundraising on the Internet, Mal Warwick, Ted Hart, Nick Allen, and a sterling group of experts in the field have completely rewritten the first-ever hands-on guide for navigating the ever-changing world of fundraising on the Internet. This no-nonsense book gets beyond the hype and hyperbole, and takes into account the new realities of the post crash marketplace to offer solid advice on how to use technology to raise funds.

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This item: Fundraising on the Internet: The ePhilanthropyFoundation.Org Guide to Success Online, 2nd Edition

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This item: Fundraising on the Internet: The ePhilanthropyFoundation.Org Guide to Success Online, 2nd Edition

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This item: Fundraising on the Internet: The ePhilanthropyFoundation.Org Guide to Success Online, 2nd Edition

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Preface--The Internet Evolution: Online Fundraising Works (Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE).

Introduction--Five Years of Online Fundraising (Nick Allen).

The Contributors.

PART ONE: The Big Picture.

1. Building Trust Online (Ted Hart and Michael Johnston).

2. The Ethics of Online Fundraising (Lisa Aramony).

3. The Emerging Gold Standard of Integrated Fundraising (Mal Warwick).

4. Promoting Your Organization Online (Michael Cervino).

5. Evaluating Online Fundraising Success (Michael Johnston).

6. Regulating Online Fundraising (Michael Johnston).

PART TWO: Online Fundraising Fundamentals.

7. Recruiting New Donors Online (Nick Allen).

8. Renewing Donors Online (Brian Murrow).

9. E-Mail Campaigns and E-Newsletters (Tom Watson).

10. Managing Special Events Online (Aleta Jeffress and Phil Richmond).

11. Donor-Advised Funds Online (Eric Lee Smith).

12. Online Strategies for Foundations and Grantseekers (Martin Schneiderman).

13. Using the Internet for Planned Giving (Lee Hoffman and Ted Hart).

PART THREE: Technology and Your Organization.

14. Electronic Prospect Research (Jim McGee and Ted Hart).

15. Recruiting, Retaining, and Organizing Volunteers Online (John Parke and Ted Hart).

16 Raising Money Online for Multilevel Organizations (Alison Li).

PART FOUR: Tapping into Outside Resources.

17. Managing Donor Data Online (Jay B. Love).

18. ePhilanthropy and Donor Management Systems (Shaun Sullivan).

19. Faster, Cheaper, Better: Internet Outsourcing to Boost Your Online Presence (George Irish and Ken Weber).

PART FIVE: Beyond the Basics.

20. Web Site Content: Keep Them Coming Back (Laura Kujawski).

21. Dos and Don'ts of Web Design (Shirley Sexton and Steve Love).

22. Viral Marketing (Eric Lee Smith).

23. How Nonprofits Can Harness Technology to Build One-to-One Relationships (Shirley Sexton).

24. New Paths to Giving Through Charity Portals (George Irish)

25. Building Your Base Through Advocacy Campaigns (Michael Stein).

Case Studies.

1. Comic Relief: Red Nose Day (Graham Francis).

2. Harvard and Wake Forest Universities (Todd Cohen).

3. The Heifer Project International (Commerce One).

4. Stanford University (Jerold Pearson).


A. ePhilanthropy Code of Ethical Online Philanthropic Practices (ePhilanthropyFoundation.Org).

B. Ten Rules of ePhilanthropy Every Nonprofit Should Know (ePhilanthropy Foundation.Org).

C. Web Hosting (Ken Weber and George Irish).

D. Tips for Creating Effective Vendor Contracts (Ken Weber and George Irish).

E. APRA Code of Ethics (Association of Professional Research for Advancement).

F. Using E-Mail Effectively (ePhilanthropyFoundation.Org).

G. The Gilbert E-Mail Manifesto (Michael Gilbert).

ePhilanthropyFoundation's Glossary of Terms.

"Wow! Incredibly comprehensive and detailed with both basic and advanced information--a real guide for 'fundraising on the Internet.'" (Maurice R. Levite, CFRE, CAE, vice president of field operations at the American Red Cross)

"This is the greatest collection of fundraising electronics expertise that has ever been brought together. Fundraising on the Internet is full to the brim with ideas, verities, charts, and examples. Whether you're in direct mail, major gifts, planned giving, or the head of your shop, this book is essential if you want to keep ahead of the parade." (Jerold Panas, of Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners)

"Crystal clear, concise and comprehensive. Every conceivable method and concept is discussed in depth. Warwick, Hart and Allen must be commended on their professional approach to online success." (Margaret Guellich, CFRE, director, International Fundraising Partnerships, Catholic Relief Services)

"The key strength of this book is the combination of its high calibre contributors. Innovator sector leaders such as Mal Warwick, Theodore Hart and Nick Allen share their advice, together with over 20 other online fundraisers and suppliers. The result is an extensive compendium of online fundraising, challenging thought, and illustrative case studies." (Howard Lake, UK Fundraising)

"The . . . is the first of, hopefully, more organizations tackling the challenge of monitoring and setting e-philanthropy practice standards." (The Kellogg Foundation)

"An 'online classic.'" (Marcelo I?arra Iraegui, fundraising regional manager, Latin America Greenpeace)

"We need this book! The authors bring the best uses of the Internet into the fundraising programs of every nonprofit organization and show how to use them to increase efficiency, effectiveness and profitability." (James M. Greenfield, ACFRE, FAHP, editor of The Nonprofit Handbook: Fund Raising, 3rd Edition)

"...a comprehensive guide...very accessible...I thoroughly recommend this guide to all charities wishing to make the most of fundraising online..." (Professional Fundraising Plus, 15 March 2002)
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