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G Protein-Coupled Receptor--Protein Interactions



G Protein-Coupled Receptor--Protein Interactions

Susan R. George (Editor), Brian F. O'Dowd (Editor), David R. Sibley

ISBN: 978-0-471-23546-0 March 2005 352 Pages


This exciting volume elucidates how GPCRs organize signal transduction and control intracellular activities. Chapters written by the recognized expert in each respective topic offer state-of-the-art updates on the principles and technology, as well as stepwise protocols for methods currently applied to the analysis of protein-receptor interactions.
Foreword (Robert J. Lefkowitz).

Series Preface (David R. Sibley).

Preface (Susan R. George & Brian F. O'Dowd).


1. Purification of the G Protein-Coupled Receptor Rhodopsin for Structural Studies (David Salom, Ning Li, Li Zhu, Izabela Sokal and Krzysztof Palczewski).

2. Cooperativity in Ligand Binding to Deduce Receptor/Receptor Interaction (Meritxell Vivo and Philip G. Strange).

3. Analysis of Receptor-Receptor Interaction Using Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (Douglas Ramsay and Graeme Milligan).

4. Real-Time Imaging of GPCR-Medicated Arresting Translocation as a Strategy to Evaluate Receptor-Protein Interactions (Robert H. Oakley, Larry S. Barak and Marc G. Caron).

5. Localization of G Protein Coupled Receptors and Interacting Proteins in Membrane Microdomains (K. Saidas Nair, Vijaya Narayanan and Vladlen Z. Slepak).

6. Identification of Peptide Ligand Binding Domains Within G Protein-Coupled Receptors Using Photoaffinity Labeling (Maoqing Dong and Laurence J. Miller).

7. Analysis in Real-Time of the Assembly and Disassembly of Soluble G Protein-Coupled Receptor-G Protein Complexes (Seam M. Biggs, Peter I. Simons, Anna Waller, Terry Founts, Tione Buranda, Eric R. Prossnitz and Larry A. Sklar).

8. Approaches to Studying Membrane Protein Oligomerization: Use of Cysteine Cross-Linking Strategies to Analyze Receptor-Receptor Interactions (Jonathan A. Javitch, Wen Guo and Marisa E. Ring).

9. Co-Immunoprecipitation as a Strategy to Evaluate Receptor-Receptor or Receptor-Protein Interactions (Randy A. Hall).

10. Use of MALDI-TOF and Mass Spectrometry in the Evaluation of Receptor-Protein Interactions (John R. Raymond, Henry Ayiku, Justin Turner, Andrew Gelasco and John M. Arthur).

11. Use of the Yeast Two-Hybrid System to Detect Receptor-Protein Interactions (Ridwan Lin, Nadine Kabbani, Alicia Binda, Victor Canfield and Robert Levenson).

12. GST Fusion Protein and Pull-down Strategies to Evaluate Receptor-Receptor or Receptor-Protein Interactions (Frank J.S. Lee and Fang Liu).

13. G-Protein-Coupled Fusion to Monitor Integral Membrane Protein-Protein Interactions (Henrik Dohlman and Kathleen Ehrhard).

14. Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays as Tools in Studying Interactions of G-Protein-Coupled Receptors (Torsten Schöneberg, Katrin Sangkuhl, Holger Römpler and Angela Schulz).

15. Electrophysiological Characterization of GPCR and Ligand-Gated Channel Crosstalk (Tak Pan Wong, Xian-Ming Yu and Yu Tian Wang).

16. BRET as a Strategy to Evaluate Receptor-Receptor or Receptor-Protein Interactions (Karen A. Eidne and Kevin D.G. Pfleger).


"…a good starting point for the investigation of complex GPCR-protein interactions, and covers a lot of ground by introducing many different methodologies." (E-STREAMS, September 2005)

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