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GIS Data Conversion Handbook

GIS Data Conversion Handbook

Glenn E. Montgomery, Harold C. Schuch

ISBN: 978-0-471-32983-1

Jan 1993

320 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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This landmark book addresses the data conversion issues involved in geographic information systems (GIS) technology. Converting paper-based maps to digital files can be expensive, complicated, and time consuming. It is the first comprehensive handbook that cohesively integrates the many complex issues of data conversion into a single publication for the GIS professional as well as for the student or layperson. Written and edited by international authorities on GIS conversion, the handbook covers the subject from basic conversion issues and map digitizing to advanced data capture techniques.
AM/FM/GIS and Their Markets.

GIS Data Conversion.

Hardware Issues.

GIS Data Sources.

Land Base Data vs. Facilities Data.

Data Conversion Methods.

GIS Data Quality.

GIS Database Design.

Multiparticipant Databases.

Outsourcing GIS Data Conversion.

Impact of Emerging Technologies.

Developing a GIS Data Conversion Plan.