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Gaining Control: Managing Capacity and Priorities, 3rd Edition

Gaining Control: Managing Capacity and Priorities, 3rd Edition

James G. Correll, Kevin Herbert

ISBN: 978-1-119-20220-2

Oct 2015

336 pages


In this new edition of Gaining Control, the authors present best practices for optimizing control of manufacturing processes to meet business objectives. This reliable resource includes real solutions for measurable improvements in effectiveness, employee engagement, and morale. Written by leading experts, it’s perfect for anyone who manages production facilities or supply chains and includes updated coverage of many new developments.


Cast of Characters.

One. Out of Control.

Two. Gaining Knowledge.

Three. Constructing Routings and Work Centers.

Four. Mastering Dispatching and Scheduling.

Five. Understanding Detail Capacity Planning.

Six. Controlling the Flow of Work.

Seven. Applying Rough-Cut Capacity Planning.

Eight. Joining Forces.

Nine. Scheduling to Capacity Constraints.

Ten. Eliminating Waste and Variability.

Eleven. Advanced Planning, Optimizing, & Scheduling.

Twelve. Moving Ahead.