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Gambling and Gaming Addictions in Adolescence

Gambling and Gaming Addictions in Adolescence

Mark Griffiths

ISBN: 978-1-854-33348-3 July 2002 Wiley-Blackwell 64 Pages


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The guide gives the practitioner an understanding of why children and adolescents may come to play fruit machines/video games to excess and includes knowledge about the risk factors involved in this. It includes practical and common-sense interventions that may be beneficial for such children and adolescents and also includes practical advice to give to parents facing their child’s behavioural addiction.

Part I: Behavioural Addictions.

Part II: Technological Addictions.

Part III: Adolescent Gambling.

Part IV: Gambling on Fruit Machines.

Part V: Videogames and Fruit Machines – Commonalities.

Part VI: Adolescent Videogame Playing.

Part VII: Fruit Machines and Videogames – Some Final Comments.


Further Reading.


Hints for Parents.

"Some of these [books in the PACTS series 2] are quite outstanding guides for practitioners, full of practical steps to take and worldly wisdom as well as good theretical grounding ... there are a couple on behaviours that are less commonly covered in other places, including Avoiding Risky Sex, and Gambling. Its is very welcome to have these issues addressed in such a pragmatic way ... Overall I would recommend that this series is present for anybody working with adolescents, as they provide a very useful guide for trainees to get stuck in with treatment." Stephen Scott, Institute of Psychiatry, London, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Volume 9, No. 2, 2004, pp 92-96 <!--end-->