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Gardens and Landscapes in Historic Building Conservation



Gardens and Landscapes in Historic Building Conservation

Marion Harney

ISBN: 978-1-118-50813-8 April 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 480 Pages

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This comprehensive guide on historic garden and landscape conservation will help landscape professionals familiarise themselves with what the conservation of historic gardens, garden structures and designed landscapes encompasses.


The aim of the series is to introduce each aspect of conservation and to provide concise, basic and up-to-date knowledge within five volumes, sufficient for the professional to appreciate the subject better and to know where to seek further help.


Gardens & Landscapes in Historic Building Conservation is an essential guide for everyone with an interest in the conservation of historic gardens and designed landscapes worldwide. The latest assessment of the origins, scope and impact of gardens and designed landscapes is vital reading.  Covering history and theory, survey and assessment, conservation and management and the legislative framework the book considers all aspects of garden and landscape conservation and related issues.  It explores the challenge of conserving these important sites and surviving physical remains and a conservation movement which must understand, protect and interpret those remains.

This book demonstrates how the discipline of the history and conservation of gardens and landscapes has matured in recent decades, recognising the increased participation of professional contract and curatorial managers in the management of these sites and in conserving and interpreting landscapes.

Drawing on a wide range of sources, combining academic and professional perspectives, the book provides information and advice relevant to all involved in trying to preserve one of England’s greatest cultural contributions and legacy for future generations to enjoy. With chapters by all the leading players in the field and illustrated by copious examples this gives essential guidance to the management and conservation of historic gardens and designed landscapes.

Contributors vii

Introduction Marion Harney xv

Part I: History and Theory

1 What is it about gardens that you want to conserve? John Dixon Hunt 1

2 The National Trust approach to garden conservation Mike Calnan 9

3 The nature of gardens and their signifi cance John Sales 23

4 Some Olla Podrida from the diary of a garden historian Richard Wheeler 31

5 On design and process William Martin Wood 47

6 Evolution of principles for the conservation of gardens and designed landscapes David Jacques 55

7 Conservation of garden buildings Michael Forsyth 67

8 ‘Perished Perches’: historic garden furniture Lisa White 79

9 The history and the future of public parks David Lambert 91

10 The history and aesthetic development of the cemetery and related conservation issues Jonathan Lovie 101

Part II: Survey and Assessment

11 Researching historic parks and gardens David Lambert 117

12 Defi ning signifi cance and developing a conservation philosophy Sarah Couch 129

13 Science and craft in understanding historic gardens and their management Peter Thoday 141

14 Garden archaeology Brian Dix 149

15 Conservation arboriculture: the natural art of tree management in historic landscapes Neville Fay 153

16 The use of aerial photographs for conservation and research Helen Winton 163

Part III: Conservation and Management

17 Values in heritage management: conservation plans and beyond Kim Auston 173

18 Developing a conservation management plan Sarah Couch 181

19 Public parks and their conservation Hazel Conway 193

20 Conserving historic parks and gardens in a changing climate Jenifer White 207

21 Conserving the grey? Management of vegetation without an end-point in culturally important landscapes James Hitchmough 219

22 ‘Plants are fashioned by cultivation, man by education’ Robert Mattock 227

23 Costing and contracts for historic gardens and landscapes Nigel Thorne 239

24 Constraints and working on site: some practical and contractual problems Mike Ibbotson 247

Part IV: The Legislative Framework

25 Designed landscapes and national designation Fridy Duterloo-Morgan 255

26 Conservation legislation in the UK Colin Johns 261

27 Historic parks and gardens: the planning system and other conservation tools Jonathan Lovie 271

28 The role of the Heritage Lottery Fund in the conservation of historic gardens and designed landscapes Drew Bennellick 283

29 Legal protection for structures, trees and wildlife Charles Mynors 291

30 Easy access to historic landscapes Heather J.L. Smith 301

31 The international context – the European Landscape Convention Adrian Phillips 309

32 Cultural landscapes and the World Heritage Convention Susan Denyer 321

33 Why should there be any international law relating to monuments and cultural landscapes? Malcolm Forster 331

Part V: Conservation in Action: Case Studies

34 ‘. . . with great art, cost, and diligens . . .’ – the reconstruction of the Elizabethan Garden at Kenilworth Castle Brian Dix 339

35 Paradise restored – a case study exploring the restoration of three of Hestercombe’s period gardens Philip White 345

36 Strawberry Hill, Twickenham Marion Harney 357

37 Stourhead – the conservation and management of a ‘Living work of art’ Alan Power 371

38 Hackfall, Yorkshire Patrick James 377

39 Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefi eld Patrick James 385

40 The Roof Gardens, Kensington, London Lynne Bridge 393

41 Lowther Castle & Gardens Dominic Cole 405

42 Monticello Marion Harney 413

43 The Gardens of the Alhambra Farhat A. Hussain 421

44 Central Park, New York City Michael Forsyth 431


"With an august roll call of contributors, Gardens and Landscapes in Historic Building Conservation fills a useful niche . . . Theory and practice are here combined in a rich mix."  (Journal of Australian Garden, 1 April 2015)