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Gas Dynamics, Volume 1

Maurice J. Zucrow, Joe D. Hoffman

ISBN: 978-0-471-98440-5 September 1976 784 Pages


Volume one of the complete and comprehensive guide to gas dynamics

The first in a two-volume series, Gas Dynamics, Volume 1 provides the first half a comprehensive treatment of the subject of gas dynamics. Beginning with a review of the fundamental principles, the text then moves on to fully explore other relevant areas of gas dynamics. Readers will study such topics as the governing equations for compressible fluid flow, steady one-dimensional flow, expansion waves, flow with small perturbations, unsteady one-dimensional homentropic flow, and others. The book is then completed with a series of appendices for reference.

Review of Fundamental Principles.

Governing Equations for Compressible Fluid Flow.

General Features of the Steady One-Dimensional Flow of aCompressible Fluid.

Steady One-Dimensional Isentropic Flow with Area Change.

Steady One-Dimensional Flow with Friction.

Steady One-Dimensional Flow with Heat Transfer.

Shock Wave.

Expansion Waves.

Mass Addition, Combustion Waves, and Generalized SteadyOne-Dimensional Flow.

General Features of the Steady Multidimensional Adiabatic Flow ofan Inviscid Compressible Fluid.

Introduction to Flow with Small Perturbations.

Introduction to the Method of Characteristics with Application toSteady Two-Dimensional Irrotational Supersonic Flow.

The Method of Characteristics Applied to Unsteady One-DimensionalHomentropic Flow.