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Gas Dynamics: Theory and Applications

Gas Dynamics: Theory and Applications

George Turrell

ISBN: 978-0-471-97573-1 September 1997 152 Pages


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This book consists of two parts, theory and applications. Part I introduces the kinetic theory of gases with relevance to molecular energies and intermolecular forces. Part II focuses on how these theories are used to explain real techniques and phenomena involving gases. By stressing the practical implications, the book explains the theory of gas dynamics in a highly readable and comprehensive manner.

Elementary Kinetic of Gases.

Molecular Statistics.

Distribution of Molecular Speeds.

Molecular Energies.

Transport Phenomena.

Intermolecular Forces.

Real Gases.

Molecular Collisions.


Effusion and the Separation of Mixtures.

Chemical Reactions.

Ortho and Para Hydrogen.

Atomic and Molecular Beams.

Energy Transfer.

Broadening of Spectral Lines.

Gas Lasers.

Gas Plasmas.


Further Reading.