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Robust Statistics: Theory and Methods (with R), 2nd Edition

Ricardo A. Maronna, R. Douglas Martin, Victor J. Yohai, Matías Salibián-Barrera

Digital Signal Processing with Kernel Methods

Jose Luis Rojo-Alvarez, Manel Martinez-Ramon, Jordi Munoz-Mari, Gustau Camps-Valls

Classification, Parameter Estimation and State Estimation: An Engineering Approach Using MATLAB, 2nd Edition

Bangjun Lei, Guangzhu Xu, Ming Feng, Yaobin Zou, Ferdinand van der Heijden, Dick de Ridder, David M. J. Tax

Financial Signal Processing and Machine Learning

Ali N. Akansu, Sanjeev R. Kulkarni, Dmitry M. Malioutov

Pattern Recognition in Computational Molecular Biology: Techniques and Approaches

Mourad Elloumi, Costas Iliopoulos, Jason T. L. Wang, Albert Y. Zomaya

Error Estimation for Pattern Recognition

Ulisses M. Braga Neto, Edward R. Dougherty

Integrative Cluster Analysis in Bioinformatics

Basel Abu-Jamous, Rui Fa, Asoke K. Nandi
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  • of 5 Pages
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