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General Statistics, 4th Edition



General Statistics, 4th Edition

Warren Chase, Fred Bown

ISBN: 978-0-471-28311-9 October 1999 72 Pages

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General Statistics presents a complete first course in statistics appropriate for students enrolled in a wide variety of disciplines. This mainstream, mid-level text offers non majors, in as precise and accurate manner as possible, the basic ideas of descriptive and inferential statistics. The new Fourth Edition retains many of the features and coverage that made the previous editions so successful, while incorporating additional real data sets, better, updated exercises that enhance students' decision-making skills, and more computer spreadsheet output for illustrating statistical concepts and ideas.

This text is appropriate for any one-semester, introductory statistics course at both four year and junior colleges.

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Organizing and Describing Data.

Descriptive Methods for Regression and Correlation.


Probability (Optional).

Probability Distributions for Discrete Random Variables.

Probability Distributions for Continuous Random Variables;
The Normal Distribution.


Statistical Inference Concerning Means and Proportions.

Inference Concerning Two Population Parameters.

Inference Concerning Regression and Correlation.

Analysis of Variance.

Analysis of Categorical Data.

Nonparametric Statistics.



  • Flexible topical coverage. Chapter 4 Probability is now an optional chapter. Instructors who choose not to cover this topic in depth may proceed to Chapter 5 Probability Distributions, where a straightforward and concise introductory section on Probability can be found.
  • Ten new data sets, in addition to the Framingham Heart Study, allow students to practice their decision-making skills using real data. Examples and exercises now include a stronger emphasis on statistical thinking and exploratory data analysis.
  • Streamlining of the material includes reorganization of 3e's Chapters 2 (Organizing Data) & 3 (Describing Data) into Chapter 2 (Organizing and Describing Data). Also, the optional Minitab instruction sections and the appendix section on inference involving variances have been removed from the text and placed in the Instructor's Manual.
  • Additional computer output from Minitab, Data Desk, JMP, Resampling Stats, Maple V, and Mathematica can be found in the examples and exercises illustrating statistical concepts and giving students practice at interpreting data.
  • Exceptionally clear writing style consistently praised by both instructors and students.
  • Encourages students to use Exploratory Data Analysis techniques including stem and leaf plots and boxplots to determine whether various statistical procedures are appropriate.
  • Concepts are introduced and reinforced with examples and exercises covering a wide variety of fields from sports to medicine.
  • Appendix C contains data on 1,000 randomly selected subjects from the Framingham Heart Study and ten other data sets, providing an excellent resource for studying real data. The data is incorporated into exercise material and available on floppy disk and via the Wiley College Web Site.