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General Statistics 4e with Student Solutions Manual Set



General Statistics 4e with Student Solutions Manual Set

Warren Chase, Fred Bown

ISBN: 978-0-471-38006-1 August 1999 712 Pages


Set combining a mid-level statistics text with the skills development of a student manual

The fourth edition of General Statistics and its companion student solutions manual are suitable for a first statistics course that's one semester in length. They support learning for students majoring in a range disciplines. The mid-level text presents the basics of the descriptive and inferential statistics precisely and accurately. This edition incorporates real data sets and exercises to develop decision-making skills. It also features more computer spreadsheet output for illustrating statistical ideas. Together, the text and student solutions manual can guide students in an introductory statistics course at either a four-year and two-year college. Within the materials, instructors will find examples and exercises that focus on statistical thinking and exploratory data analysis.