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Genes and Behaviour

Genes and Behaviour

David J. Hosken, John Hunt

ISBN: 978-1-119-31368-7

Feb 2019

264 pages


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Provides a broad snapshot of recent findings showing how the environment and genes influence behavior

The great debate of nature versus nurture rages on — but our understanding of the genetic basis of many behaviors has expanded over the last decade, and there is now very good evidence showing that seemingly complex behaviours can have relatively simple genetic underpinnings, but also that most behaviours have very complicated genetic and environmental architecture. Studies have also clearly shown that behaviors, and other traits, are influenced not just by genes and the environment, but also by the statistical interaction between the two. This book aims to end the nature versus nurture argument by showing that behaviors are nature and nurture and the interaction between the two, and by illustrating how single genes can explain some of the variation in behaviors even when they are seemingly complex.

Genes and Behaviour: Beyond Nature-Nurture puts to rest the nature versus nurture dichotomy, providing an up-to-date synopsis of where we are, how far we've come and where we are headed. It considers the effects of a dual-inheritance of genes and culture, and genes and social environment, and highlights how indirect genetic effects can affect the evolution of behavior. It also examines the effect of non-self genes on the behavior of hosts, shines a light on the nature and nurturing of animal minds and invites us to embrace all the complexity nature and nurture generates, and more. 

  • Explores exciting new findings about behavior and where we go from here
  • Features contributions by top scholars of the subject
  • Seeks to end the nature versus nurture debate forever

Genes and Behaviour: Beyond Nature-Nurture is a unique, and eye-opening read that will appeal to Ph.D. Students, post-doctoral fellows, and researchers in evolution and behavior. Additionally, the book will also be of interest to geneticists, sociologists and philosophers.

List of Contributors


1 Nature, Nurture, and Nature-By-Nurture – Killing the Dichotomy
David J. Hosken, John Hunt and Nina Wedell

2 Ultimate (Re)Thinking for Behavioural Biology
Sasha R.X. Dall, John M. McNamara & Alastair J. Wilson

3 How the Dual Inheritance of Genes and Culture Shapes Behaviour: A Critical Review with a Focus on Human Culture and Behavioural Diversity
Thomas E. Currie

4 Beyond Genes and Environments: Indirect Genetic Effects and the Evolution of Behaviour
John Hunt, James Rapkin, Clarissa M. House and Alastair J. Wilson

5 Genes and Behaviour
Chelsea A. Weitekamp and Laurent Keller

6 Genes and Environments in Drosophila Sex
David J. Hosken, Amanda Bretman, Stephen F. Goodwin & C. Ruth Archer

7 Nature and Nurture in Parental Care
Nick J. Royle and Allen J. Moore

8 The Effect of Non-Self Genes on the Behaviour of Hosts
Nina Wedell

9 The Nature and Nurturing of Animal Minds
Alex Thornton and Neeltje J. Boogert

10 Evolution and Human Behaviour: Helping to Make Sense of Modern Life
Louise Barrett and Gert Stulp

11 Next-Gen and the Study of Behaviour
Simone Immler

12 Nature-Nurture in the Twenty-First Century
Nina Wedell, John Hunt and David J. Hosken