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Genetic Algorithms and Engineering Design



Genetic Algorithms and Engineering Design

Mitsuo Gen, Runwei Cheng

ISBN: 978-0-471-12741-3 January 1997 432 Pages

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The last few years have seen important advances in the use ofgenetic algorithms to address challenging optimization problems inindustrial engineering. Genetic Algorithms and Engineering Designis the only book to cover the most recent technologies and theirapplication to manufacturing, presenting a comprehensive and fullyup-to-date treatment of genetic algorithms in industrialengineering and operations research.

Beginning with a tutorial on genetic algorithm fundamentals andtheir use in solving constrained and combinatorial optimizationproblems, the book applies these techniques to problems in specificareas--sequencing, scheduling and production plans, transportationand vehicle routing, facility layout, location-allocation, andmore. Each topic features a clearly written problem description,mathematical model, and summary of conventional heuristicalgorithms. All algorithms are explained in intuitive, rather thanhighly-technical, language and are reinforced with illustrativefigures and numerical examples.

Written by two internationally acknowledged experts in the field,Genetic Algorithms and Engineering Design features originalmaterial on the foundation and application of genetic algorithms,and also standardizes the terms and symbols used in othersources--making this complex subject truly accessible to thebeginner as well as to the more advanced reader.

Ideal for both self-study and classroom use, this self-containedreference provides indispensable state-of-the-art guidance toprofessionals and students working in industrial engineering,management science, operations research, computer science, andartificial intelligence. The only comprehensive, state-of-the-arttreatment available on the use of genetic algorithms in industrialengineering and operations research . . .

Written by internationally recognized experts in the field ofgenetic algorithms and artificial intelligence, Genetic Algorithmsand Engineering Design provides total coverage of currenttechnologies and their application to manufacturing systems.Incorporating original material on the foundation and applicationof genetic algorithms, this unique resource also standardizes theterms and symbols used in other sources--making this complexsubject truly accessible to students as well as experiencedprofessionals. Designed for clarity and ease of use, thisself-contained reference:
* Provides a comprehensive survey of selection strategies, penaltytechniques, and genetic operators used for constrained andcombinatorial optimization problems
* Shows how to use genetic algorithms to make production schedules,solve facility/location problems, make transportation/vehiclerouting plans, enhance system reliability, and much more
* Contains detailed numerical examples, plus more than 160auxiliary figures to make solution procedures transparent andunderstandable
Foundations of Genetic Algorithms.

Constrained Optimization Problems.

Combinatorial Optimization Problems.

Reliability Optimization Problems.

Flow-Shop Sequencing Problems.

Job-Shop Scheduling Problems.

Machine Scheduling Problems.

Transportation Problems.

Facility Layout Design Problems.

Selected Topics in Engineering Design.