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Genomes of Foodborne Pathogens

Genomes of Foodborne Pathogens

Sophia Kathariou

ISBN: 978-1-555-81457-1

Jan 2014

380 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Genomic sequencing initiatives in the United States and elsewhere have resulted in the complete genome sequencing of a large number of foodborne pathogens, including most of the bacterial agents associated with significant disease burden in the human population.  Genomes of Foodborne Pathogens is concise monograph that provides a thoughtful synthesis of the genome sequencing data of key etiologic agents for foodborne disease, with a focus on the novel, interesting, and potentially useful aspects of the genome sequencing information; the new research tools and technological opportunities created by such information; and the new questions that are created, the new insights, and the frontiers of knowledge that are expanded, with the contribution of the genomic sequence information.