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Geodynamics: Progress and Prospects

Geodynamics: Progress and Prospects

Charles L. Drake (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66490-2

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

238 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Special Publications Series.

In 1970 the President of ICSU invited member countries to establish national committees for the Geodynamics Project. At the same time the Inter-Union Commission on Geodynamics was established to administer the activities of the Project.

To implement its activities, the ICG established ten Working Groups that are not organized as listed below:

1. Geodynamics of the Western Pacific-Indonesian region.
2. Geodynamics of the Eastern Pacific Region, Caribbean and Scotia arcs.
3. Geodynamics of the Alpine-Himalayan Region, West.
4. Geodynamics of Continental and Oceanic Rifts.
5. Properties and Processes in the Earth's Interior.
6. Geodynamics of the Alpine-Himalayan region, East.
7. Geodynamics of Plate Interiors.
8. Convections between Continental and Oceanic Structures.
9. History and Interaction of Tectonic, Magmatic and Metamorphic Processes.
10. Global Syntheses and Paleoreconstruction.

Preface vii

Tectonic History of the Western Pacific
T. W. C. Hilde, S. Uyeda, and L. Kroenke 1

The Nazca Plate
L. Kulm 16

Cocos Plate Study Group
L. D. Castillo 20

Caribbean Study Group
J. D. Weaver 22

Ophiolites and Pelagic Sediments in the Alpine Mediterranean Region
K. J. Hsu 24

Messinian Events in the Mediterranean
C. W. Drooger 29

Paleomagnetic Studies in the Alpine-Mediterranean Area
F. J. Vine 32

A Geotraverse Through the Eastern and Southern Alps
H. Bogel and H. Closs 35

A Dynamic Model of the Hellenic Arc Deduced From Geophysical Data
J. Makris 41

Report on Contemporary Movements
N. Canitez 47

Dynamics of the North Anatolian Fault
N. Canitez 50

Iceland—Oceanic or Continental?
G. Pdlmason and G. E. Sigvaldason 56

Central European Rifts: Stress Field and Pattern Recognition
J. H. lilies and G. Greiner 59

The East African Rift System
B. C, King and L. A. J. Williams 63

The East African Rift System—Geophysical Aspects
R. W. Girdler 75

Ethiopian Rift System
P. Mohr and P. Gouin 81

Frontier Report Working Group 5: Properties and Processes of the Earth's Interior

O. L. Anderson 88

Theoretical Solid Earth Geophysics
E. Boschi, F. D. Stacey, and W. M. Zharkov 89

Physical Properties of the Materials of the Earth's Interior
R. J. OVonnell, T. J. Shankland, and R. C. Lieberman 94

Plastic Flow in the Deep Crust and Upper Mantle
A. Nicolas and C. B. Raleigh 99

Mineralogy and Petrology of the Earth's Interior
D. H. Green and N. V. Sobolev 103

Experimental Petrology and High Pressures and Temperatures
S. Akimoto 106

Geochemical Constraints on Models of Mantle Dynamics
L. B. Nicolaysen 109

The Colliding Continents in the Himalaya
D. K. Ray 115

Epeirogenic Movements of Regional Extent
L. N. Kailasam 119

Rayleigh Wave Group Velocities Between New Delhi, India, and Shiraz, Iran, Extending to Long
H. K. Gupta, D. C. Nyman and M. Landisman 121

The Seismic Experiment in the Northern Pamirs 
S. A. Aliev, N. A. Beliaevsky, E. M. Butovskaya, B. S. Volvovsky, I. S. Volvovsky, G. V. Krasnopevtseva, V. A. Pak, M. K. Polshkov, V. I. Rubailo, V. B. Sollogub, B. B. Tal-Virsky, F. S. Tregub, I. Kh. Khamrabayev, and G. E. Kharechko 128

Frontier Report on Dynamics of Plate Interiors, Introduction 137

D. E. Ajakaiye 148

The Icelandic Transverse Ridge—Evidence of Evolution of a Mantle Hot Spot
M. H. P. Bott 150

The Walvis Ridge: A Review
R. V. Dingle and E. S. W. Simpson 160

Microcontinents and Their Significance
R. A. Scrutton 111

History and Interactions of Tectonic, Metamorphic and Magmatic Processes
V. V. Beloussov 190

Profiles Across the Northern Appalachians of Maritime Canada
N. Rast, P. Stringer, and K. B. S. Burke 193

Correlation of Endogenous Processes in the Great Caucasus and Adjacent Part of the Scythian
A. M. Borsuk, and V. N. Sholpo 203

Global Syntheses of Evidence Leading to the Reconstruction of Distribution of Continents and
Oceans Through Time
D. A. Valencio 229

Description and Analysis of Recent Tectonic Movements
N. Pavoni 235

Recent Crustal Movements and Neotectonics of the Middle East
N. Pavoni 236