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Geographical Data: Characteristics and Sources

Geographical Data: Characteristics and Sources

Nigel Walford

ISBN: 978-0-471-97085-9 March 2002 292 Pages


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Provides a comprehensive overview of the characteristics relatingto remote sensing, cartography, censuses/surveys andadministrative/statutory. Presents up-to-date information in thisremarkable growth area, with clear explanations of the problems andpitfalls as well as the potentiality of analysing geographicaldata.

An ideal book for both those already confident with GIS technology,and the novice user.
* Covers spatial and thematic worldwide geographical data

* Exemplifies the problems and pitfalls of using geographical data

* Provides introductory details of GIS without the need for aseparate text

* Refers to the latest internet sources

* Covers geographical data relating to the environmental and humandomains

* Focuses on digital geographical data


Abbreviations List.

Part 1 Geographical Data

Geographical Phenomena and Geographical Data

Generic Problems of Data

Accessibility and Availability of Geographical Data

Part 2 Characteristics and Review of Secondary Sources

Remotely Sensed Data

Cartographic Data

Censuses and Surveys

Adminstrative and Statutory Data

International Comparison of Geographical Data Sources

Part 3 Secondary Analysis

Examples of Geographical Data Analysis

Future Developments in Geographical Data


Appendix: Household Form in the 2001 UK Census of Population.

Subject Index.
"...well conceived and contains much useful reference material..." (Int Journal of Geographical Information Science, January/February 2003)