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Geopolitics of Antarctica: Views from the Southern Oceanic Rim



Geopolitics of Antarctica: Views from the Southern Oceanic Rim

Klaus Dodds

ISBN: 978-0-471-96992-1 February 1998 270 Pages


Recent controversies over the political and environmental management of the Antarctic ensure that it will remain an important global issue. Drawing on recent developments in critical geopolitics and cultural geography, Klaus Dodds examines the six major nations of the Southern hemisphere currently involved in the Antarctic. Each of these nations - Argentina, Australia, Chile, India, New Zealand and South Africa - claims a 'natural' interest in the future of the polar continent. Geopolitics in Antarctica presents a detailed exploration of the rhetoric and politics behind each of these claims, arguing that they are often based on uncritical understandings of territory, geographical proximity and national identity. The book concludes with an examination of how geographical understandings of the Antarctic continue to influence the management of the frozen continent and Southern Ocean.
Introduction: The Southern Oceanic Rim States and Antarctica.

Critical Geopolitics and Geo-Graphing of Antarctica.

Argentina and Antartida Argentina.

Australia and Australian Antarctic Territory.

Chile and Territorio Chileno Antartico.

India and the Antarctic.

New Zealand and the Ross Dependency.

South Africa and the Antarctic.

Conclusions and the Future of Antarctica.