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Geospace Mass and Energy Flow: Results From the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics Program

Geospace Mass and Energy Flow: Results From the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics Program

James L. Horwitz (Editor), Dennis L. Gallagher (Editor), William K. Peterson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66416-2

Mar 2013

394 pages

Select type: O-Book


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 104.

The International Solar-Terrestrial Program (ISTP) was conceived by the space agencies of numerous countries as a coordinated effort to determine the global flow of mass, energy and momentum through the solar-terrestrial system. The physical region of interest extends from the Sun through the solar wind, to the terrestrial magnetosphere, down to the ionosphere, with the principal focus on the magnetosphere and its coupling with the solar wind and ionosphere. With the launch of NASA's POLAR spacecraft in February 1996, the major elements of the ISTP program were in place. This volume is one of the very first compendiums of both new observations and new modeling results either directly or indirectly deriving from this major ISTP undertaking.

James L. Horwitz, Dennis L. Gallagher, and William K. Peterson xi

Solar Wind

WIND Observations of Suprathermal Particles In the Solar Wind
R. P. Lin, D. Larson, T. Phan, R. Ergun, J. McFadden, K. Anderson, Co Carlson, M. McCarthy, G. K. Parks, R. Skoug, R. Winglee, H. R•me, N. Lormant, J. M. Bosqued, Co d'Uston, T. R. Sanderson, and K.-P. Wenzel  1

Dayside Magnetosphere

Dayside Electrodynamics Observed by POLAR with Northward IMF
N. C. Maynard, W. J. Burke, D. R. Welmer, F. S. Mozer, J. D. Scudder, C. T.R ussella, nd W. K. Peterson 13

Interball Tall Probe Measurements in Outer Cusp and Boundary Layers
So P. Savin, N. L. Borodkova, E. Yu. Budnik, Ao Oo Fedorov, $. I. Kiimov, M. N. Nozdrachev, I. E. Morozova, No S. Nikolaeva, A. A. Petrukovich, N. F. Pissarenko, V. I. Prokhorenko, S. A. Romanov, A. A. Skalsky, Yu. I. Yermolaev, G. NoZ astenker, L. MoZ eienyi, PcT riska,E . Amata, J. Blecki, J. Juchniewicz, J. Buechner, Mo Ciobanu, Ro Grard, G. Haerendei, V. E. Korepanov, R. Lundin, io Sandahi, Uo Eklund, Zø Nemecek, J. Safrankova, J. A. Sauvaud, J. Rustenbach, and J. L. Rauch 25

Convection of Plasmaspheric Plasma into the Outer Magnetosphere and Boundary Layer Region:
Initial Results
Daniel M. Ober, J. L. Horwilz, and D. L. Gallagher  45

AMPTE-IRM Observations of Particles and Fields at the Dayside Low-Latitude Magnetopause
T. M. Bauer, G. Paschmann, N. Sckopke, W. Baumjohann, R. A. Treumann, and T.-D. Phan  51

The Effect of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field on the Dayside Magnetosphere
Daniel W. Swif 67

Entry of Solar Wind Plasma into the Magnetosphere: Observations Encounter Simulation
Patrick T. Newell and Simon Wing 73

High-Latitude Ionosphere

Under What Conditions Will Ionospheric Molecular Ion Outflow Occur?
G. R. Wilson and P. D. Craven  85

Day-Night Asymmetry Of Polar Outflow Due to the Kinetic Effects of Anisotropic Photoelectrons
Sunny W. Y. Tam, Fareed Yasseen, and Tom Chang  97

POLAR Observations of Properties of H + and O + Conics in the Cusp Near -5300 km Altitude
M. Hirahara, J. L. Horwitz, T. E. Moore, M. O. Chandler, B. L. Giles, P. D. Craven, and C. L. Pollock 107

Recent Developments in Ion Acceleration in the Auroral Zone
Tom Chang and Mats Andre  115


High-LatitudeA uroral BoundariesC ompared With GEOTAILM easurementsD uringT wo Substorms
W. J. Burke, N. C. Maynard, G. M. Erickson, M. Nakamura, S. Korkubun, B. Jacobson, R. W. Smith  129

Energy Characterization of a Dynamic Auroral Event Using GGS UVl Images
G. A. Germany, G. K. Parks, M. J. Brittnacher, J. F. Spann, J. Cumnock, D. Lummerzheim, F. Rich, and P. G. Richard 143

Auroral Observations from the POLAR Ultraviolet Imager (UVl)
G. A. Germany, J. F. Spann, G. K. Parks, M. J. Brittnacher, R. Elsen, L. Chen, D. Lummerzheim, and M. H. Rees 149

Field Line Resonances, Auroral Arcs, and Substorm Intensifications
J. C. Samson, R. Rankin, and I. Voronkov  161

Magnetotail/Plasma Sheet/Substorms

A New Approach to the Future of Space Physics
S.-I. Akasofu and W. Sun  169

Reconnections at Near-Earth Magnetotail and Substorms Studied by a 3-D EM Particle Code
K.-I. Nishikawa  175

Magnetospheric-Ionospheric Activity During an Isolated Substorm: A Comparison Between
WIND/Geotail/IMP 8/CANOPUS Observations and Modeling
R. M. Winglee, A. T. Y. Lui, R. P. Lin, R. P. Lepping, S. Kokubun, G. Rostoker, and J. C. Samson  181

Sporadic Localized Reconnections and Multiscale Intermittent Turbulence in the Magnetotail
Tom Chang   193

Geotail Observations of Current Systems in the Plasma Sheet
W. R. Paterson, L. A. Frank, S. Kokubun, and T. Yamamot   201

Near-Earth Plasma Sheet Behavior During Substorms
T. Nagai, R. Nakamura, S. Kokubun, Y. Saito, T. Yamamoto, T. Mukai, and A. Nishida  213

Separation of Directly-Driven and Unloading Components in the Ionospheric Equivalent Currents During
Substorms by the Method of Natural Orthogonal Components
W. Sun, W.-Y. Xu, and S. I. Akasofu  227

Simulation of the March 9, 1995 Substorm and Initial Comparison to Data
R. E. Lopez, C. C. Goodrich, M. Wiltberger, K. Papadopoulos, and J. G. Lyon 237

Large-Scale Dynamics of the Magnetospheric Boundary: Comparisons Between Global MHD Simulation
Results and ISTP Observations
J. Berchem, J. Raeder, M. Ashour-Abdalla, L. A. Frank, W. R. Paterson, K. L. Ackerson, S. Kokubun,
T. Yamamoto, and R. P. Lepping  247

Study of an Isolated Substorm with ISTP Data
A. T. Y. Lui, D. J. Williams, R. W. McEntire, S. Ohtani, L. J. Zanetti, W. A. Bristow, R. A. Greenwald, P. T. Newell, S. P. Christon, T. Mukai, K. Tsurada, T. Yamamoto, S. Kokubun, H. Matsumoto, H. Kojima, T. Murata, D. H. Fairfield, R. P. Lepping, J. C. Samson, G. Rostoker, G. D. Reeves, A. L. Rodger, and H. J. Singer  261

Structure of the Magnetotail Reconnection Layer in 2-D Ideal MHD Model
Y. Lin and X. X. Zhang 275

Particle Acceleration Due to Magnetic Field Reconnection in a Model Current Sheet
Victor M. Vazquez, Maha Ashour-Abdalla, and Robert L. Richard  287

Modeling Magnetotail Ion Distributionsw ith Global Magnetohydrodynamic and Ion Trajectory Calculations
M. El-Alaoul, M. Ashour-Abdalla, J. Raeder, V. Peroomlan, L. A. Frank, W. R. Paterson, and J. M. Bosqued 291

Determination of Particle Sources for a Geotail Distribution Function Observed on May 23, 1995
M. Ashour-Abdalla, M. EI-Alaoui, V. Peroomian, J. Raeder, R. L. Richard, R. J. Walker, L. M. Zelenyi,
L. A. Frank,W .R . Paterson,J . M. Bosqued,R . P.L epping,K . Oglivie,S .K okubun,a nd T.Y amamoto  297

Three-Dimensional Reconnection in the Earth's Magnetotail: Simulations and Observations
J. Bochner, J.P. Kuska, B. Nikutowski, H. Wiechen, J. Rustenbach, U. Auster, K. H. Fornacon, S. Klimov,
A. Petrukovich, and S. Savin  313

Inner Magnetosphere

Drift-Shell Splitting in an Asymmetric Magnetic Field
Mei-Ching Foka nd Thomas E.Moore  327

Comparison of Photoelectron Theory Against Observations
G. V. Khazanov and M. W. Liemohn  333

Determining the Significance of Electrodynamic Coupling Between Superthermal Electrons
and Thermal Plasma
M. W. Liemohn and G. V. Khazanov  343

A New Magnetic Storm Model
Robert B.S heldon and Harlan E.S pence 349

The Magnetospheric Trough
M. F.Thomsen,D . J. McComas, J. E. Borovskya,n d R. C. Elphic  355

Magnetic Field Models

Data-Based Models of the Global Geospace Magnetic Field: Challenges and Prospects of the ISTP Era
Nikolai A . Tsyganenko  371

Improvements to the Source Surface Model of the Magnetosphere
Vahe Peroomlan, Larry R. Lyons, and Michael Schulz  383