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Edited By:Michael MacEntee

Vol 35(4 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 0734-0664 Online ISSN: 1741-2358 Impact Factor: 1.439


The ultimate aim of Gerodontology is to improve the quality of life and oral health of older people. The boundaries of most conventional dental specialties must be repeatedly crossed to provide optimal dental care for older people. In addition, management of other health problems impacts on dental care and clinicians need knowledge in these numerous overlapping areas. Bringing together these diverse topics within one journal serves clinicians who are seeking to read and to publish papers across a broad spectrum of specialties. This journal provides the juxtaposition of papers from traditional specialties but which share this patient-centred interest, providing a synergy that serves progress in the subject of gerodontology.

Other areas of interest covered by Gerodontology include commissioning reviews of key issues from experts in the field, reporting on policy developments in the care of the older adult, invited papers from international symposia, education and debate, evidence-based dentistry to inform best practice and clinical papers with color illustrations, as well as maintaining existing strengths in high quality research.