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Get Backed, Get Big, Get Bought: Plan your start-up with the end in mind



Get Backed, Get Big, Get Bought: Plan your start-up with the end in mind

Colin Barrow

ISBN: 978-1-906-46589-6 July 2009 Capstone 272 Pages


"Bebo sale to AOL nets founders a £290m fortune in 3 years." - March 2008

"Foxtons sale nets founder £370m." - May 2007

"L'Oréal buys Body Shop for £652m." - March 2006

For entrepreneurs and business owners alike, this is your ticket to serious money.

Fact 1: Business is all about making money.

Fact 2: Personal satisfaction is great, but it doesn't pay the bills.

If your main ambition is to make big money from your business, you're already on the right track. Over 4 million people start up businesses in the UK each y ear but only 1% become millionaires. Start with the end in mind and you could be one of them.

Colin Barrow, bestselling start-up author and business investment specialist, shows you how to shape up for a sale right from the world go:

Get Backed - secure big investment

Get Big - create real value and strong growth

Get Bought - dress the business and negotiate a killer deal

With practical advice, tools and stories from those who have done it, you'll find out how to guide your start-up business towards the payday of your dreams.

Introduction: Be careful what you wish for.


1 Problems over passion – the real characteristics of winning business ideas.

2 The traits of the entrepreneur – it’s all in the mindset.

3 Nothing new under the sun – the same old problems, some brand new solutions.

4 Research, research, research.

5 Mastering the ‘master plan’ – business plans are templates, not straitjackets.

6 The money – who has it and why you might just get your hands on some of it.

7 Another day over and deeper in debt – leveraging the investment.

Part Two: GET BIG.

8 You must be this high to go on the ride – why babies can’t swim.

9 The path to growth – and riches too.

10 Selling fivers for a tenner – why margins matter most.

11 Taking charge – good management’s a simple yet rare commodity.

Part Three: GET BOUGHT.

12 What’s it to you? Calculating value.

13 Dressing to kill – preparing your business for sale and getting the timing right.

14 Pay day – selling up.

15 Floating Off.

16 Getting a second life.


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