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Get Rich Slow: Start Now, Start Small to Achieve Real Wealth



Get Rich Slow: Start Now, Start Small to Achieve Real Wealth

Sarah Riegelhuth

ISBN: 978-1-118-40619-9 December 2012 Wrightbooks 216 Pages


How to build wealth the smart way—slow and steady

This book will show you how to take control of your finances and grow your wealth using nothing more than a few key principles and commonsense wisdom. It shows you how to let go of easy excuses, stop waiting around for magically simple solutions, set intelligent financial goals, and design an action plan that you can follow through to completion. Using a storytelling approach, it shares the financial experiences of the author and her clients, guiding readers through the tools and tactics necessary to effect positive financial change in their lives. Although focused on personal finance goals, the lessons here easily translate to life itself.

About the author ix

Acknowledgements xi

Preface xiii

Part I: Let's get real 1

1 What are you waiting for? 3

2 Get rich slow 15

3 Aiming for ‘nothing’? 25

4 Good debt, bad debt 39

5 Start yesterday 57

Part II: Let’s get smart 63

6 Many roads to wealth 65

7 Investing in cash 73

8 Investing in shares 81

9 Investing in property 91

10 Investing in you 99

11 Don’t forget about retirement 107

Part III: Now . . . let’s get going! 121

12 Psychology of money 123

13 Bad habits 135

14 Take stock 145

15 Goal setting 157

16 Protect yourself 169

17 Seek and share advice 181

Just do it! 189

Index 191