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Getting Started in Financial Information

Getting Started in Financial Information

Daniel Moreau, Tracey Longo

ISBN: 978-0-471-32429-4 December 1999 241 Pages


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Finding information on investing is easy. Making sense of it all is not. This straightforward guide clears up any confusion readers may have. Covering all the basics of investing, it will help readers make smarter decisions by showing them what to look for in stock tables, how to read between the lines of a fund prospectus, and distinguishing between fact and opinion when it comes to the so-called financial "experts." Making this text an invaluable introduction to investing facts, figures, and fundamentals.
Why You Need Relevant Investment Information.

Good Investing Starts at Home.

The Basics of Being an Investor.

The 10 Things You Must Know about Your Investments.

How Analysts Look at Investments.

How Performance Is Measured.

The Great Benchmarks of Market Performance.

All the Business News That Fits.

Personal Finance Periodicals.

Measuring the Value of Newsletters, Brokers' Advice, andAnalysts' Reports.

The Big Hitters: Morningstar and Value Line.

Television and Radio.

Annual Reports and the Rest of the Mail.

Going on the Internet for Information.

Hands-On Investing.

One Lean Investing Machine.