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Getting Started in Project Management



Getting Started in Project Management

Paula Martin, Karen Tate

ISBN: 978-0-471-21756-5 February 2002 272 Pages


Whether working on an international project for a Fortune 500 company or organizing a family reunion, you need effective project management to ensure timely and efficient completion of projects.

This helpful guide offers explanations of everything needed to get started in project management including: how to initiate a project and lead the project team, how to structure the project and plan for resources, how to monitor and track the plan, and how to close out the project. Packed with practical advice, this book includes tips to increase success, reveals common pitfalls to avoid, and presents case studies to show and why project management actually works.

Paula Martin (Torrington, CT) is the CEO of Martin Tate, a management consulting and training company. She works with project teams to help them improve performance and has been a consultant on issues related to improving organization performance for over ten years.
Karen Tate (Cincinnati, OH) is the President of MartinTate and is a Project Management Professional. She has over twenty years of project management experience and teaches project management to teams in organizations around the world.

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Chapter 1. The Basics.

Chapter 2. Initiating a Project.

Chapter 3. Leading the Project Team.

Chapter 4. Kicking Off the Project.

Chapter 5. Planning the Scope.

Chapter 6. Organizing the Project.

Chapter 7. Assessing Risk.

Chapter 8. Developing a Schedule.

Chapter 9. Developing a Budget.

Chapter 10. Assembling the Project Plan.

Chapter 11. Team-Based Tools.

Chapter 12. Executing the Plan.

Chapter 13. Closing Out the Project.

Chapter 14. Summing Up.

Appendix A: Project Leadership Self-Assessment.

Appendix B: Thinking Styles.

Appendix C: Sample Team Contract.

Appendix D: MT Problem Solving Methodology.

Appendix E: Project Management Self-Assessment.