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Getting Started in Shares For Dummies Australia, 3rd Australian Edition

Getting Started in Shares For Dummies Australia, 3rd Australian Edition

James Dunn

ISBN: 978-0-730-32062-3

Oct 2016

256 pages

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Make your money work harder than ever with share investing

If you've always wanted to invest in shares, but you've never known where to start, look no further! This new edition of Getting Started in Shares For Dummies reveals in plain English the investing secrets you need to know — how the market works, how the stock exchange operates, and what brokers really do. In no time, you'll find out how to pick the best shares and diversify your portfolio, minimise your risk and maximise your returns, and reduce your capital gains tax bill.

The world of share investing can seem intimidating to the uninitiated, but it doesn't have to be. Free of confusing jargon and packed with practical advice, this hands-on, friendly guide helps you get to grips with developing an investment strategy, assessing your risk, buying and selling shares, working with brokers, understanding taxes, and so much more. Plus, you'll even learn about ten great investors and their strategies — and ten things you should never, ever do.

  • Find out how the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) works
  • Develop your own successful share investing strategy—and know how to assess potential share investments
  • Analyse the share market and track trends to make informed choices and grow your wealth
  • Realise the tax implications of share ownership and understand how holding shares affects your tax liability

If you're ready to take your first steps towards investing in the share market, Getting Started in Shares For Dummies will help you build the successful share portfolio you've always wanted.

Introduction  1

Part I: Putting the Share in Sharemarket  7

Chapter 1: So, You Want to Invest in Shares 9

Chapter 2: Watching the Market Operate 27

Part II: Investing Strategies for Success  43

Chapter 3: Developing an Investment Strategy 45

Chapter 4: Assessing Your Risk 59

Chapter 5: Eggs and Baskets 87

Part III: Buying, Buying, Sold  111

Chapter 6: Buying and Selling Shares 113

Chapter 7: Knowing When to Buy and Sell Shares 129

Chapter 8: Buying What You Know 151

Chapter 9: Working with Brokers 191

Chapter 10: Taxing Matters 205

Part IV: The Part of Tens  223

Chapter 11: Ten Great Investors and Their Strategies 225

Chapter 12: Ten Things Not To Do, Ever 239

Index  247