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Getting Started with Maple, 3rd Edition

Getting Started with Maple, 3rd Edition

Douglas B. Meade, Michael May, C-K. Cheung, G. E. Keough

ISBN: 978-0-470-45554-8 March 2009 224 Pages


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The purpose of this guide is to give a quick introduction on how to use Maple.  It primarily covers Maple 12, although most of the guide will work with earlier versions of Maple.  Also, throughout this guide, we will be suggesting tips and diagnosing common problems that users are likely to encounter.  This should make the learning process smoother.
This guide is designed as a self-study tutorial to learn Maple.  Our emphasis is on getting you quickly ?up to speed.?  This guide can also be used as a supplement (or reference) for students taking a mathematics (or science) course that requires use of Maple, such as Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Modeling, or Statistics.
Chapter 1:  Running Maple

Chapter 2:  Maple Input Modes

Chapter 3: Calculator Features

Chapter 4:  Variables and Functions

Chapter 5:  Computer Algebra

Chapter 6:  Working with Equations

Chapter 7:  Sets, Lists, and Sequences

Chapter 8:  Getting Help and Loading Packages

Chapter 9:  Making 2-D Pictures

Chapter 10:  Plotting Parametric Curves, Line Segments and Points

Chapter 11:  Polar and Implicit Plots

Chapter 12:  Limits and Derivatives

Chapter 13:  Integration

Chapter 14:  Series and Taylor Series

Chapter 15:  Analyzing Differential Equations

Chapter 16:  Making Graphs in Space

Chapter 17:  Level Curves and Level Surfaces

Chapter 18:  Partial Differentiation and Multiple Integration

Chapter 19:  Matrices and Vectors

Chapter 20:  Parametric Curves and Surfaces in Space

Chapter 21:  Vector Fields

Chapter 22:  Basic Statistics on a Data Sample

Chapter 23:  Curve Fitting

Chapter 24:  Animation

Chapter 25: More about lists

Chapter 26:  Random Numbers and Simulation

Chapter 27:  Maple for Programmers

Appendix A:  Learning Calculus with Maple

Appendix B: Quick Reference Guide