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Getting into Medical School For Dummies

Getting into Medical School For Dummies

Carleen Eaton

ISBN: 978-1-118-46004-7

May 2013

360 pages



Your plain-English guide to getting into the medical school of your dreams

Getting accepted to medical school is a long and rigorous process and many students find they need help. If you're one of these students, Getting into Medical School For Dummies is the perfect tool to help you through the process and realize your dream.

By providing you with concise information about preparing for and applying to medical school, Getting into Medical School For Dummies prepares you for the application process. Written by an industry expert, it gives you a distinct advantage in the competitive medical school admissions process, preparing you for every step and helping you create your best application.

  • Takes you through the often-overwhelming process of applying to medical school
  • Explains what medical schools and admissions committees are really looking for
  • Provides plain-English explanations of complicated medical school admissions processes

If you're one of the over 40,000 students who apply to medical school each year and need help sorting through the admissions schedule, writing statements of intent, and preparing to take the MCAT, Getting Into Medical School For Dummies has you covered!

Introduction 1

Part I: Planning the Premedical Years 9

Chapter 1: Turning Your Dream of Going to Medical School into a Reality 11

Chapter 2: Considering a Medical Career 23

Chapter 3: Mapping Out Your College Years 37

Chapter 4: Making the Most of Extracurricular Activities 51

Part II: Applying to Medical School 65

Chapter 5: Surveying the Application Process 67

Chapter 6: Tackling the MCAT 85

Chapter 7: Choosing Medical Schools 113

Chapter 8: Putting Together Primary Applications 125

Chapter 9: Looking at Letters of Recommendation and Secondary Applications 155

Chapter 10: Acing the Medical School Interview 177

Chapter 11: Hearing Back 207

Part III: Osteopathic Medical Schools, Dual-Degree Programs, and More 217

Chapter 12: Applying to Osteopathic (DO) Medical Schools 219

Chapter 13: Exploring Dual-Degree Programs 233

Chapter 14: Investigating International Medical Schools 249

Part IV: Nontraditional Applicants, Reapplicants, and Disadvantaged Applicants 261

Chapter 15: Doing Things Differently: Nontraditional Applicants 263

Chapter 16: Try, Try Again: Reapplicants 275

Chapter 17: Minority Applicants, Disadvantaged Applicants, and Applicants with Disabilities 287

Part V: You’re In! Getting Ready to Go 295

Chapter 18: Paying for Medical School 297

Chapter 19: Starting Medical School 309

Part VI: The Part of Tens 319

Chapter 20: Ten Things to Know about Medical School 321

Chapter 21: Ten Terms You Won’t Find in Your Medical School Textbooks 327

Index 331