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Getting the Most from Online Learning: A Learner's Guide



Getting the Most from Online Learning: A Learner's Guide

George M. Piskurich

ISBN: 978-0-787-97701-6 May 2004 Pfeiffer 204 Pages


Getting the Most from Online Learning is a must-have resource that helps people, become better e-learners by showing them how to prepare for, participate in, and apply e-learning in all its variations. Written by the leaders in e-learning, this book is filled with practical ideas, suggestions, and information about a wide variety of topics including how to:
  • Participate effectively in on-line learning experiences
  • Contribute to and learn from discussion groups and chat rooms
  • Handle e-learning peer evaluations
  • Participate in online group projects
In addition, the expert authors share their personal e-learning experiences and show how they have mastered the discipline of e-learning for themselves.

About the Editor.

1. Voices from the Edge of E-Learning (Janet F. Piskurich).

2. E-Learning: An Introduction (Huey B. Long).

3. Becoming a More Self-Directed Learner: Why and How (Lucy M. and Paul J. Guglielmino).

4. How to Prepare to Attend a Synchronous E-Learning Course (Bill Knapp).

5. How to Attend a Synchronous E-Learning Course (Bill Knapp).

6. Succeeding in an Asynchronous Learning Environment (Harvey Singh).

7. Chat Rooms and Discussion Boards (George M. Piskurich).

8. Online Readings: Gaining the Most from What You Read (Ryan Watkins).

9. How to Handle E-Learning Peer Evaluation (Russ Brock).

10. Building Successful Online Relationships (Doug Liberati).

11. Participating in Group Projects Online (Carole Richardson).

12. Managing Distractions for E-Learners (Wayne Turmel).