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Getting to Great: Principles of Health Care Organization Governance

Getting to Great: Principles of Health Care Organization Governance

Dennis D. Pointer, James E. Orlikoff

ISBN: 978-0-787-96386-6 October 2002 Jossey-Bass 216 Pages




Dennis D. Pointer and James E. Orlikoff, two of the most experienced and highly regarded governance consultants in the country, have written a definitive guide for health care boards that want to maximize their performance and help their organizations reach full potential.
Getting to Great presents a set of easily applied principles and best practices based on a model that has been proven to strengthen health care governance. Filled with tools and techniques, this practical guide includes
* A model of health care governance used by the best health care boards
* Seventy-two governance principles and associated practices and tips on helping the board to use them
* Checkups for assessing a board
* Guidelines for implementing principle-based governance
This guide will be an invaluable resource for health care board members and executives who are committed to investing in their organization's future.

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The Authors.

1. Introduction.

2. Board and Governance Basics.

3. Obligations.

4. Functioning: Responsibilities.

5. Functioning: Roles.

6. Structure.

7. Composition.

8. Infrastructure.

9. Implementing Principle-Based Governance.

Appendix A: Sample Board Policies.

Appendix B: Sample Committee Charters.

Appendix C: Sample Governance Principles.

Appendix D: Resources.

""They do not waste time beating around the bush; they jump right into the information they are trying to disseminate."" (E-Streams, 4/15/03)