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Getting to VITO (The Very Important Top Officer): 10 Steps to VITO's Office

Getting to VITO (The Very Important Top Officer): 10 Steps to VITO's Office

Anthony Parinello

ISBN: 978-1-118-04022-5

Dec 2010

272 pages



The author of the bestseller Selling to VITO returns with a 10-step plan for getting to the Very Important Top Officer's top of mind, top of wallet, and top of their ""to-do"" list
Anthony Parinello's Selling to VITO introduced salespeople everywhere to the Very Important Top Officer-and taught them the precise steps of how to sell to the person with the ultimate veto power. Now, Parinello returns with Getting to VITO, a one-of-a-kind sales resource that offers proven, best-practices advice on how-to get into VITO's head, get into their budgets, and get on their team as a ""trusted advisor.""
Based on Parinello's own extensive sales experience-as well as the experiences of the more than one million salespeople who've studied his VITO process-Getting to VITO shows salespeople how to:
* Find and pre-qualify the real VITO
* Establish real value in VITO's eyes
* Cut to the chase with seven different correspondence modalities
* Disarm every first-call objection a salesperson may encounter
* Deliver the show-stopper ""elevator"" pitch for every industry
* One-on-one coaching from Parinello's own professional coach!
Anthony Parinello (San Diego, CA) is the country's foremost expert on selling to top officers. His bestselling book and audiotape program Selling to VITO (The Very Important Top Officer) has sold more than 500,000 copies. Parinello's Secrets of VITO: Think and Sell Like a CEO was a Wall Street Journal bestseller and his most recent book Getting the Second Appointment has been accepted by his following as the new sales process of ""choice.""


Don’t Skip This Part.

PART ONE: VITO Selling: The New Generation.

Chapter 1: Setting the Stage.

Chapter 2: Results and the Process That Drives Them.

Chapter 3: Value versus Values.

Chapter 4: Your Personal Value.

Chapter 5: Will the Real VITO Please Stand Up?

Chapter 6: VITO’s VITO.

Chapter 7: What You and VITO Already Have in Common.

Chapter 8: What You and VITO Could Have in Common.

Chapter 9: What’s on VITO’s Mind?

Chapter 10L Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize.

PART TWO: Making Contact.

Chapter 11: Previews of Coming Attractions.

Chapter 12: The VITO Referral.

Chapter 13: The Nine VITO Correspondence Elements.

Chapter 14: The Fab Five.

Chapter 15: Wave Goodbye to Seemore.

PART THREE: Best Practices.

Chapter 16: The Voice of Power.

Chapter 17: Six Goals for the Big Phone Call.

Chapter 18: The VITO “Elevator Pitch”.

Chapter 19: Allies at the Gate.

Chapter 20: The Art of the Voice Mail Message.

Chapter 21: Ten Steps to VITO’s Office.

Appendix A: Template of Ideal Prospects.

Appendix B: Meet Your Coach.

Appendix C: The Greatest Timesaving Tool in the Free World.