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Giant Vesicles


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Perspectives in Supramolecular Chemistry Founded by J.-M. Lehn Perspectives in Supramolecular Chemistry reflects research which develops supramolecular structures with specific new properties, such as recognition, transport and simulation of biosystems or new materials. The series covers all areas from theoretical and modelling aspects through organic and inorganic chemistry and biochemistry to materials, solid-state and polymer sciences reflecting the many and varied applications of supramolecular structures in modern chemistry. Giant Vesicles Edited by Pier Luigi Luisi and Peter Walde Institute für Polymere, ETH-Zürich, Switzerland Giant vesicles or giant liposomes are supramolecular assembles of amphiphiles, surface active substances which normally contain one or two hydrophobic chains and one hydrophilic head. Due to their relatively large size, giant vesicles are easily observed by light microscopy. This volume provides an overview of ideas and results obtained from experimental studies as well as theoretical approaches. A wide variety of aspects ranging from pure mathematics and physical considerations to biochemical and biological applications are covered. Historical and fundamental aspects are discussed as well as a range of experimental approaches including the micromanipulation and micro-puncturing of single giant vesicles. 87 international contributors comment on a wide range of issues contained under the five main part headings: Introduction Preparation Methods Basic Theoretical Aspects Physical Properties Chemical and Biological Aspects. Giant Vesicles has been written for researchers in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry and biophysics, working in supra-molecular chemistry, surfactant science, liposome and pharmaceutical sciences.

Supramolecular Chemistry, 7 Volume Set

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1 Why Giant Vesicles? (Pier Luigi Luisi).

2 Giant Vesicles: a Historical Introduction (Danilo D. Lasic).


3 Liposome Electroformation (Miglena I. Angelova).

4 Formation of Giant Vesicles from Different Kinds of Lipids Using the Electroformation Method (Aline Fischer, Pier Luigi Luisi, Thomas Oberhober and Peter Walde).

5 Observation of a Variety of Giant Vesicles under an Optical (Ken-ichirou Akashi, Kazuhiko Kinosita, Jr., Hidetake Miyata and Hiroyasu Itoh).


6 Bending Elasticity of Fluid Membranes (Wolfgang Helfrich).

7 Giant Vesicles: a Theoretical Perspective (Udo Seifert).

8 Free Energy of a Fluctuating Vesicle. Influence of the Fluctuations on the Laplace Law (Isak Bivas).


9 Use of Micropipet Manipulation Techniques to Measure the Properties of Giant Lipid Vesicles (David Needham and Doncho Zhelev).

10 Fluctuating Vesicle Shapes (Hans-Günther Döbereiner).

11 Oblate-Prolate Transition of Ellipsoidal Magnetoliposomes: Experiments showing an Anisotropic Spontaneous Curvature (Olivier Sandre, Christine Ménager, Jerome Prost, Valérie Cabuil, Jean-Claude Bacri and Andrejs Cebers).

12 Micromanipulation of Tubular Vesicles (Liyu Xu and Hans-Günther Döbereiner).

13 Electromechanical Properties of Model Membranes and Giant Vesicle Deformations (Philippe Méléard, Claire Gerbeaud Tanja Pott and Marin D. Mitov).

14 Mechanical Properties of Lipid Bilayers Containing Grafted Lipids (Isak Bivas, Victoria Vitkova, Marin D. Mitov, Mathias Winterhalter, Rossitsa G. Alargova, Philippe Méléard and Pierre Bothorel).

15 Motion of Particles Attached to Giant Vesicles: Falling Ball Viscosimetry and Elasticity Measurements on Lipid Membranes (Rumiana Djmova, Christian Dietrich and Bernard Pouligny).

16 Control of Fusion Between Giant Vesicles (Sek Wen Hui, Meghan Perkins and Parthapratim Chandaroy).

17 Membrane Roughness and Dispersive Phase as Effects of Higher-order Bending in Fluid Membranes (Beate Klosgen and Wolfgang Helfrich).

18 Swelling and Separation of DOPC Multilayer Systems (Johannes Thimmel, Beate Kliisgen, Wolfgang Helfrich and Gert Rapp).

19 Dynamic Aspects of Fatty Acid Vesicles: pH-induced Vesicle-Micelle Transition and Dilution-induced Formation of Giant Vesicles (Ayako Goto, Akihiro Suzuki, Hisashi Yoshioka, Rensuke Goto, Toyoko Imae, Keiji Yamazaki and Peter Walde).


20 Giant Liposomes as Model Biomembranes for Roles of Lipids in Cellular Signalling (Paavo K. J. Kinnunen, Juha M. Holopainen and Miglena I. Angelova).

21 Microinjection of Macromolecules in Giant Vesicles Prepared by Electroformation (Thomas Oberholzer and Aline Fischer).

22 Enzymatic Reactions in Giant Vesicles (Peter Walde).

23 Giant Phospholipid Vesicles Entrapping Giant DNA (Shin-ichirou Nomura and Kcnichi Yoshikawa).

24 Cell Deformation Mechanisms Studied with Actin-containing Giant Vesicles, a Cell-mimicking System (Hidetake Miyata, Kazuo Ohki, Gerard Marriott, Shuji Nishiyama, Ken-ichirou Akashi and Kazuhiko Kinosita, Jr.).

25 Light-Induced Shape Transitions of Giant Vesicles (Peter G. Petrov and Hans-Günther Dobereiner).

26 Changes in the Morphology of Giant Vesicles Under Various Physico-chemical Stresses (Marie-Alice Guedeau-Boudeville, Anne-Laure Bernard, Jean-Claude Bradley, Alok Singh and Ludovic Jullien).

27 Magnification of Shape Fluctuations of Active Giant Unilamellar Vesicles (Jean-Baptiste Manneville, Patricia Bassereau, Daniel Lévy and Jacques Prost).

28 Entrapment of Proteins in Soybean Phosphatidylcholine Vesicles (Masanao Imai, Kazuhito Nagayama, Hikaru Tanaka, Nobukazu Osaki and Toshifusa Doi).

29 Study on Stress-mediated Behavior and Preparation of Giant Vesicles (Toshinori Shimanouchi, Hiroshi Umakoshi and Ryoichi Kuboi).

30 Molecular Organization on Giant Unilamellar Vesicles (Susanne Gangl, Susanne Stark, Peter Mayrhofer, Dominik Runzler, Caroline Thurner, Arno Lukas, Bernd Mayer and Gottfried Kohler).

31 Membrane Properties of Archaeal Phospholipids: Effect of Macrocyclization (Olivier Dannenmuller, Yoichi Nakatani, Guy Ourisson, Kenji Arakawa, Tadashi Eguchi, Katsumi Kakinuma, Sylvie Blanc and Anne-Marie Albrecht).

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