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Gin: Botanicals, Production and Styles

Gin: Botanicals, Production and Styles

Katherine Smart (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-42786-5

Oct 2019

350 pages

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This book will provide a definitive guide to the theory and practice of gin styles and their production, allowing the reader to navigate the history of gin and gin style emergence and evolution. 
The agronomics, regional provenance and biology of the plants utilised as botanicals for gin together with their application in the technical processes that contribute to productions will also be considered.  The production of highly rectified spirit and the means by which differences in aroma and quality may be achieved will also be discussed. Finally the post distillation processing and technical aspects of packaging of gin products will also feature. The analytical and sensorial analytical techniques that can be applied to gin will also be reviewed. 
Chapter 1 History of Gin and Gin Production
• Genever – history and transition outside the Netherlands
• Gin geography and phylogeny
• Gin in Britain through the ages
• Gin Language
• Development of gin consumption formats
Chapter 2 Styles: Definitions, History and Provenance
• Genever
• Old Tom
• London Dry
• Navy Strength
• Plymouth
• Distilled
• Xoriguer
• Composite Gins
Chapter 3 Raw Material Selection and Processing For The Production of Highly Rectified Spirit
• Supply chains for key raw materials
• Typical Raw Material used to make highly rectified spirit
o Cereal Biology and Breeding
o Raw material quality and impact on final product
• Conversion: Processing of starch to form a fermentation substrate
• Asset types and operation
Chapter 4 Fermentation and Distilling Yeast
o The Yeast
o Yeast Metabolism During Fermentation
o The Fermentation Profile and Performance
Chapter 5 Distillation of Highly Rectified Spirits
o Feedstock for distillation
o Distillery Design
o The Theory and Practice of Batch Distillation
o The Theory and Practice of Continuous Distillation
o Establishing the flavours and aromas of gin
Chapter 6 Juniper: The Principle Botanical of Gin
o Juniper: Historical uses
o Juniper Botany and Agronomics
o Juniper Plant Development and Cone Formation
o Juniper Supply Chains
o Cone Quality, Processing and Use in Gin Production
Chapter 7 Botanicals: Selection, Processing and Application
o Key Botanicals Used In Gin
o Corriander Seed
o Angelica Root
o Orris Root
o Liquorice Root
o Citrus Peels
o Cinnamon
o Cassia
o Nutmeg
Chapter 8 Finishing Processes and Packaging
Chapter 9 Sensory and Chemical Analysis of Gin
Chapter 10 Future Perspectives for the Category