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Giving Feedback to Subordinates

Giving Feedback to Subordinates

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Raoul J. Buron, Dana McDonald-Mann

ISBN: 978-1-118-15510-3

Aug 2011, Pfeiffer

32 pages


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If you’re a manager with people who report directly to you, it’s important that you give them feedback on their behavior and performance. Most of your employees want to do a good job. Many are unaware of the impact of their behavior on their job performance, for good or bad. Feedback from you, their manager, can help them identify what they are doing well and build on those skills, correct problems, and develop new abilities that improve not just their personal lives but also the organization in which they and you work. This guidebook will tell when you should give feedback, how you should deliver it, and how to manage its results.
7 Why Give Feedback to Subordinates?

8 When to Give Feedback to Subordinates

12 How to Give Feedback to Subordinates

16 How to Build the Feedback Relationship

19 How to Structure the Feedback Session

21 How to Handle Feedback’s Emotional Impact

25 Practice Makes Permanent

26 Subordinate Feedback Checklist

27 Suggested Readings

27 Background

29 Key Point Summary