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Global Accounting and Control: A Managerial Emphasis



Global Accounting and Control: A Managerial Emphasis

Sidney J. Gray, Stephen B. Salter, Lee H. Radebaugh

ISBN: 978-0-471-12808-3 January 2001 240 Pages


Class-tested and student-approved, Gray, Salter, and Radebaugh's new text has been praised by reviewers for its clear, concise, and engaging writing style. Throughout, the authors take a user perspective approach, emphasizing what managers need to know as they approach the global business environment. The text's succinct, current, and highly relevant content makes it perfectly suitable for a one-semester MBA or Masters of Accounting course, a final year undergraduate International Accounting course, or as a supplemental text in a MBA Management Accounting or Management Control course.

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Foreign Currencies and Exchange Risk Management.

Global Organization, Coordination, and Control.

Comparative International Management Accounting.

Planning and Performance Evaluation in Multinational Enterprises.

Taxation and the Multinational Enterprise.

Global Financial Statement Analysis.

Global Transparency and Disclosure.

Foreign Currency Accounting and Exchange Rate Changes.

Auditing and the Multinational Enterprise.

  • The authors have substantial reputations as international accounting researchers and many years of experience teaching international accounting.
  • Discussion questions, exercises and cases provided at the end of each chapter
  • "International Bulletins" provide current and relevant side bars to enliven discussion and enhance learning.
  • Web site references (hot links) throughout the book allow students to go online and further explore topics. These links will be updated on the instructor's Web site.
  • A full set of Power Point slides keyed to the book will be available on the book's Web site.