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Global Challenges

Global Challenges


Global Challenges is a peer reviewed multidisciplinary open access journal that publishes original research articles, reviews and commentaries covering a broad spectrum of current global challenges:

Our vision is to mobilise research, debate and leadership in the global challenges and create a platform for directing and setting the research and policy agenda.


  • Create a community of researchers, policy makers, practitioners and funders engaged in addressing complex global problems
  • Advance research and enable decision makers to base policy and practice on scientific evidence
  • Encourage multidisciplinary conversations between scientific fields and between scientists and social scientists
  • Articulate the policy and practice implications of primary research
  • Make measurable progress in the mitigation of global challenges

We welcome quality research papers, reviews, editorials and commentaries spanning research and practice. The journal gives priority to quality research reports, that develops our understanding of, or addresses, the global challenges. Original research papers must report well-conducted research with conclusions supported by the data presented in the paper.

Climate Change

Climate change can certainly be regarded as one of the greatest challenges for humanity in the 21st century. The impacts of anthropogenic climate change on the physical state of the climate system, on the natural environment and on human societies are already visible today and will exacerbate in the future without decisive action in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation. This section of Global Challenges invites submissions related to the physical science of climate change and its impacts (in as far as they are relevant for global climate policy) as well as mitigation and adaptation strategies. Cross-connections to the other sections of Global Challenges include the important role of the transformation of energy systems in climate mitigation and the impacts of climate change on freshwater resources, agriculture and human health.