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Global Entertainment Media: A Critical Introduction



Global Entertainment Media: A Critical Introduction

Lee Artz

ISBN: 978-1-118-95544-4 April 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 280 Pages


Balancing provocative criticism with clear explanations of complex ideas, this student-friendly introduction investigates the crucial role global entertainment media has played in the emergence of transitional capitalism. 

  • Examines the influence of global entertainment media on the emergence of transnational capitalism, providing a framework for explaining and understanding world culture as part of changing class relations and media practices
  • Uses action adventure movies to demonstrate the complex relationship between international media political economy, entertainment content, global culture, and cultural hegemony
  • Draws on examples of public and community media in Venezuela and Latin America to illustrate the relations between government policies, media structures, public access to media, and media content
  • Engagingly written with crisp and controversial commentary to both inform and entertain readers
  • Includes student-friendly features such as fully-integrated call out boxes with definitions of terms and concepts, and lists and summaries of transnational entertainment media

Introduction 1

1 Twenty‐First Century Capitalism and Transnational Relations 18

2 Leading the Charge: Transnational Planning 46

3 Transnational Media 71

4 From Regional to Global: Transnational Media Leaders 102

5 Cultural Hegemony: Leadership with Consent 142

6 Power Decentered: Dominant Diversity 167

7 Superheroes to the Rescue 194

8 Media, Democracy, and Political Power 221

9 Conclusion: The Reality of Power 250

Index 260