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Global Health Leadership and Management



Global Health Leadership and Management

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Written by an international panel of distinguished global health experts, this book distills valuable lessons from a wide variety of successful health programs that have been implemented around the world. Global Health Leadership and Management gives practical suggestions for enhancing and developing the essential skills of leadership, management, communication, and project planning for health care leaders. The book will assist health leaders to work well within their communities and effectively plan, direct, implement, and evaluate effective programs and activities. Global Health Leadership and Management outlines and describes such core competencies as
  • Identifying challenges and developing and managing policy
  • Developing strategies, pathways, and solutions
  • Creating networks and partnerships and planning for change
  • Learning from experience to build a generation of leaders
  • Leading and managing teams by recognizing and celebrating success


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About the Global Health Council.

Foreword (David Rockefeller).

Preface (William H. Foege).




Part One: Identifying Challenges and Developing and Managing Policy.

1. First Annual Gates Award for Global Health (Melinda French Gates).

2. A New Role for Corporate America: Partners in Global Health and Development (Raymond V. Gilmartin).

3. From Challenges to Policy (Lee Jong-wook).

4. Managing Health, Health Care, and Aging (William D. Novelli).

Part Two: Developing Strategies, New Pathways, and Solutions.

5. Leadership, Equity, and Global Health (Harlan Cleveland).

6. HIV/AIDS: Lessons from Brazil (Susan Dentzer).

7. Corruption and Health Care: Need for New Solutions (Peter Eigen).

8. Business Approach to HIV/AIDS Crisis in Africa (Spencer T. King).

9. Health in the Developing World: Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (Jeffrey D. Sachs).

Part Three: Creating Networks and Partnerships and Planning Change from Within.

10. Leadership and Management for Improving Global Health (Frances Hesselbein).

11. Creating Public Health Alliances: The American Cancer Society Experience (John R. Seffrin).

Part Four: Learning from Experience and Building a Generation of Leaders.

12. Leadership Development for Global Health (Jo Ivey Boufford).

13. Challenges to Health in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union: A Decade of Experience (Martin McKee).

14. Building the Next Generation of Leaders (Joy Phumaphi).

15. Creating Public Health Leaders: Public Health Leadership Institutes (William L. Roper and Janet Porter).

Part Five: Leading and Managing Teams While Recognizing and Celebrating Success.

16. Leading for Success (Nils Daulaire).

17. Epilogue: The Road Ahead (Kofi A. Annan).