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Global Perspectives on River Conservation: Science, Policy and Practice

Global Perspectives on River Conservation: Science, Policy and Practice

P. J. Boon (Editor), B. R. Davies (Editor), Geoffrey E. Petts (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-96062-1

Oct 2000

564 pages

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This is the first book to provide a truly global synthesis of knowledge on river conservation, and will be an invaluable reference for all those concerned with strategic river planning. Throughout the world, river ecosystems frequently reflect the worst excesses of human exploitation for instance when rivers are used as repositories for waste. Recognition is growing that river management needs to move from chemical clean-up to restoring the structural damage caused by decades of river engineering. There needs to be a catchment-wide perspective if the needs of human populations, river habitats and wildlife are to reach a sustainable balance. Against this backdrop, the development of river conservation strategies has become a global imperative.

This book sets out a worldwide, region-by-region overview of the science, policy and practice of river conservation. It also provides a topical review of different river settings (such as tropical/temperate; temporary/perennial; large/small) and contemporary issues in river conservation (such as classification and evaluation; environmental legislation; the role of public participation).

Clearly written by leading researchers in the field, this book will be welcomed by all those working on environmental management of inland waters as well as academics, researchers, postgraduates and final year undergraduates.

River Conservation in the United States and Canada (J. Karr, et al.).

River Conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean (C. Pringle, et al.).

River Conservation in the European Community, Including Scandinavia (T. Iversen, et al.).

River Conservation in central and eastern Europe (incorporating the European parts of the Russian Federation) (P.A. Khaiter et al)

River Conservation in North Africa and the Middle East (M.J. Wishart et al)

River Conservation in Central and Tropical Africa (N. Pacini et al)

River Conservation in the Countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) (B.R. Davies et al)

River Conservation in Madagascar (J. Benstead, et al.).

River Conservation in the Indian sub-continent (B. Gopal et al)

River Conservation in Central and Eastern Asia (L.Li et al)

River Conservation in South-East Asia (D. Dudgeon, et al.).

River Conservation in Australia and New Zealand (N. Schofield, et al.).



Conservation, Ecosystem Use and Sustainability (J. Gardiner N. Perala-Gardiner).

Geographical Settings:

Global Disparities in River Conservation: 'First World' values and 'Third World' Realities (M.J. Wishart et al)

River Conservation in Tropical Versus Temperate Latitudes (C. Pringle).

Special Problems of Urban River Conservation: The Encroaching Megalopolis (K.E. Baer and C.M. Pringle)

Key Constraints:

River Size as a Factor in Conservation (E. Stanley A. Boulton).

Problems and Constraints in Managing Rivers with Variable Flow Regimes (A.J. Boulton et al)

A Biogeographical Approach to Interbasin Water Transfers: Implications for River Conservation (B.R. Davies et al)

Conservation in Practice:

The Role of Classification in the Conservation of Rivers (J.H. O'Keefe and M. Uys)

Popular Participation in River Conservation (K.B. Showers)

The Role of Legislation in River Conservation (C.G. Palmer et al)

River Restoration in Developed Economies (G. Petts, et al.).

Integrated Watershed Management for River Conservation: Perspectives from Experiences in Australia and the United States (B. Hooper R. Margerum).

"" clear and concise...this enable readers to 'dip-in' to those sections of the text of particular interest or relevance to them."" (Institute of Fisheries Management agazine (FISH), 2000)

"".an excellent overview of a problem which is becoming of increasing concern...will be a useful reference"" (Aslib Book Guide, November 2000)

""This publication is an absolute mine of information about global river conservation""
(The Jnl of the Chartered Inst. of Water Environment Management, Vol. 15, 2001)

""The volume is rich in comparative studies referring to different aspects of the problem area. Superb photographs make reading even more pleasant. I foresee that this book will raise considerable interest of an international multidisciplinary readership."" (Hydrological Sciences Journal, August 2001)

""an integrated view of the world's rivers with wide breadth and minimal overlap"" (Environmental Practice, September 2001)

""the book can be highly recommended, as it provides a comprehensive and updated review of global river conservation perspectives."" (SIL News, May 2002)

""I have only praise for this book"" (Freshwater Forum, No.18 2002)