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Global Strategy Journal

Global Strategy Journal

Vol 8(4 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 2042-5791 Online ISSN: 2042-5805 Impact Factor: 2.000


Global Strategy Journal is intended to be a top tier scholarly journal. Manuscripts will be double-blind reviewed by an editorial board of experienced and research active peer scholars. The board will be supported by a team of Co-Editors and Associate Editors likewise engaged in active research and with editorial experience at other high quality scholarly journals. In turn, these editors will be advised by a Senior Advisory Board of respected scholars from the international strategy field. The editors and senior advisors will establish the on-going policies governing the GSJ’s editorial review process, content and quality standards, which will be based on scientific method, relevant theory, tested or testable propositions, and appropriate data and evidence, replicable by others and representing original contributions. These policies will establish and maintain GSJ as a journal committed to high standards of intellectual rigor, while explicitly avoiding cultural or institutional biases in favor of or in opposition to any specific research type or method, or any specific source of such research. Reviews are expected to be open minded, developmental, and timely as well as rigorous and demanding. When deemed appropriate and necessary, data and other sources of information will be archived by the journal and made available to other researchers as a means of meeting the publication standards of GSJ.

The domain of GSJ, as implied by the journal name, will be the study of any and all aspects of the environment, organizations, institutions, systems, individuals, actions, and decisions that are a part of or impinge on the practice or study of strategy and strategic management of business and non-business organizations in the global context. By global, we explicitly mean any cross-border activities described as international, global, transnational, multinational, multi-regional or by any other term that substantially implies that the activities take place in multiple countries and/or are integrated across borders. This is an expansive vision which is intended to be inclusive of both current and emergent areas of study. The journal will be defined clearly by its focus on international and global organizational strategic management, rather than a universalistic approach to the study of strategy.

At the same time, the pursuit of research in international strategic management will apply, test, extend, and build theory that is derived from or impacts the general discipline of strategic management. Empirical studies may be quantitative or qualitative, but must investigate data that are, in some way, international in scope, and will be expected to apply, examine, and extend research methods derived from strategic management research and research in other social science disciplines; they may also offer both methodological advances and analytical results that can be generalized to the larger field of strategic management and possibly other disciplines as well. Primarily empirical investigations, whether based on quantitative, qualitative, or case-based data and methods, that provide scholarly insights into the study of international strategic management through methodological rigor and relevant and important results, even with limited explicit testing or development of management theory, also fall within the domain of GSJ. The journal also is explicitly interested in conceptual papers that are grounded in social sciences theory and that further the development of theory in global strategy or strategic management. Finally, GSJ is specifically committed to respect methodological and philosophical differences across national scholarly traditions, while still maintaining high standards of academic quality and rigor.