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Global Warming, River Flows and Water Resources



Global Warming, River Flows and Water Resources

Nigel Arnell

ISBN: 978-0-471-96599-2 December 1996 234 Pages


Written by a leading expert in the field, this volume provides an outstanding review of the potential effects of global warming on river flows and water resources.

It covers methodologies for climate change impact assessments, techniques for defining credible climate change scenarios, and models for hydrological analysis, before reviewing in some detail, the many published studies into possible changes in hydrological regimes. The bulk of the book is built around a case study of the potential effects of climate change for river flows in Britain. The case study is used to illustrate methods and approaches, and is placed in the broadest context through the literature reviews. It finishes by considering the implications of changes in river flows for water uses and river floodplain activities, as well as for the management of water resources.
Global Warming, River Flows and Water Resources

Climate Change and Hydrological Processes

Assessing the Effects of Climate Change

The Great Britain Case Study: Catchments, Models and Scenarios

Changes in Water Resources in Britain

Changes in River Flows over Time

Changes in Water Quality

Implications for Water Resources and Water Management
"... a readable, tasty and nourishing catch." (David Favis-Mortlock, , Progress in Physical Geography)