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Globalization, The External Pressures


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Globalization, The External Pressures

Paul Kirkbride (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-49938-1 October 2001 352 Pages


Much literature is available discussing the concept of globalization, but now it is time for some practical advice on what it actually means for an organization. Globalization: The internal dynamic and Globalzation: The External Pressures can be read independently or as a complement to the other. The aim of both books is to present an all-round dissection and a one-stop source of latest thinking on the topic of globalization. The focus is both on issues that arise within the internal workings of an organization and on the pressures that come to bear from outside.

Globalization - The External Pressures brings together a picture of how organizations are responding on a macro scale in terms of their interfaces with an increasingly global environment.
Topics covered in the book include:
* The global economy (world trade flows, foreign and direct investment etc.)
* The global labour market
* The global information market (how globalization has been fuelled by the internet revolution)
* The role of a corporate parent in a multinational business
* The management of global partnerships and alliances
* The pull towards globalization from the market and customers (including the problems of marketing products and services globally)
* The centrifugal forces of global and local tension


Editors' Introduction (P. Kirkbride).

The State of Globalization Today (P. Kirkbride, et al.).

The Globalization Process in the World Economy (J. Heptonstall).

Global Labour Markets (J. Duncan).

On the Internet All Business is Global (Like it or Not) (M. Malmgren).

Global Parenting (M. Alexander).

Managing Global Partnerships and Alliances (R. Pudney).

Global Marketing (H. Hennessey).

Managing Global Customers (H. Hennessey).

The Global Pharmaceutical Industry (M. Schofield).

Faces of Globalization (S. Burns, et al.).

Author Biographies.

"....both books are good summaries of the practical literature on global firms....functional to the core, these books tell managers "what is" and "what to do". Their statements are often supported by good diagrams that really are worth a thousand words. The books represent one-stop shopping for the busy middle manager interested in globalisation." (Times Higher Education Supplement, 3 May 2002)