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Globalwork: Bridging Distance, Culture, and Time

Globalwork: Bridging Distance, Culture, and Time

Mary O'Hara-Devereaux, Robert Johansen

ISBN: 978-1-555-42602-6 June 1994 Jossey-Bass 439 Pages


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Provides practical answers to the most pressing questions faceddaily by today's global managers. Based on groundbreaking researchconducted by the Institute for the Future on behalf of suchorganizations as Apple Computer, AT&T, and American Express,this guide to the challenges of managing globally identifies thekey competencies that managers need to succeed in the globalworkplace.

Get the practical answers to the most pressing questions faced bytoday's global managers. Based on groundbreaking research, thisguide identifies the key competencies managers need to succeed inthe global workplace.

Get the practical answers to the most pressing questions faced bytoday's global managers. Based on groundbreaking research, thisguide also identifies the key competencies managers need to succeedin the global workplace.
Introduction: Fault Lines in the New Global BusinessLandscape.


A Multicultural Perspective: TranscAnding the Barriers of Behaviorand Language.

Technical Competence: Managing Team Connections withGroupware.

Process Facilitation: Mastering the New Leadership Skills.

Team Leadership: Managing the New Global Business Unit.


Creating the Global Workspace: Culture Clash and Confusion on thePacific Rim.

Global Vision: Using Third-Way Strategies for CollaborativeWork.

Learning New Rules of Thumb: Partnering with Mexico.

Overcoming Differences and Sameness: Collaborating withCanada.

The United Nation of America: An Outside-In View of Existance andDiversity Within the United States.

Voyaging into Cyperspace The Anytime, Anyplace GlobalWorkspace.

Conclusion: Global Living and Global Work: New Knowledge, Values,and Communities.
"If you're a player in the global market, don't leave home withoutGlobalwork." (Peter G. W. Keen, chair, International Center forInformation Technology)

"Globalwork advances an essential principle that developments inculture and technology must go hand in hand in order to promotecross-cultural collaboration. Anyone working in Chinese-speakingnations would do well to read this book." (Hanmin Liu, president,United States-China Educational Institute)

"The greater the distance dividing us, the more relationshipsassume priority. Globalwork offers Europeans and others tools tomanage the major changes occurring in today's work environment."(Meryem le Saget, director of Erasme International, Paris)

"While the sixties and seventies focused on the Americanization ofthe rest of the planet, the nineties will focus on the culturalglobalization of American business. Globalwork clearly depicts theimportant issues of the nineties business world." (Bob Douglas,global product supply specialist, Procter & Gamble)

"To Mexicans, NAFTA symbolizes a very important step in developingbetter and equal-partner business relationships across our borders.To get there we need a deeper understanding of each other as peopleas well as connections through technology. Globalwork providesMexican and U.S. businesspeople with the kind of broad andequidistant perspective needed." (Guadalupe Martinez de Leon,chair, Organizational Development Masters Program, University ofMonterrey, Mexico)

"One of the few cutting-edge books you'll read this year. It's asvaluable for the new perspective it'll give you as for the toolsyou can put to use now."

``This practical handbook makes sense of the daily conflicts,uncertainties, and pleasures of work in cross-cultural teams,global outposts, and even cyberspace through the cultural lensesused by anthropologistslanguage, time, context, power, andinformation flow.''