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Gluten-Free Cooking For Dummies, 2nd Edition



Gluten-Free Cooking For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Danna Korn

ISBN: 978-1-118-43204-4 October 2012 384 Pages


Prepare gluten-free dishes that are delicious and nutritious

Want to create tasty gluten-free meals and snacks? Gluten-Free Cooking For Dummies is loaded with more than 150 wheat-and gluten-free recipes. These sweet, spicy, and aromatic dishes prove that living the gluten-free lifestyle can be not only fun and easy, but delicious and nutritious too!

This practical, guide shows you how to find and select the right ingredients and prepare classic healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. You'll find out what you can and can't use in gluten-free cooking, learn to spot the hidden gluten in foods, discover surprising ways to save money when you go shopping, and even manage your weight. You'll also learn how to convert your current favorite recipes to gluten-free delights using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

  • Covers the medical, practical, and emotional aspects of living gluten-free
  • Includes more than 150 tasty recipes, including gluten-free ethnic dishes and a section of quick and easy starter recipes, which is new to this edition
  • Shows you how to boost nutrition and flavor in your dishes
  • Gives you the know-how to make any meal gluten free

Complete with delightful lists of gluten-free comfort foods and kid's favorites, as well as tips for converting a kitchen to a gluten-free workspace, Gluten-Free Cooking For Dummies is the best way yet to stay happy, healthy, well-fed, and wheatless!

Introduction  1

Part I: Preparing for Your Gluten-Free Cooking Adventures  7

Chapter 1: Gluten-Free: Not Just a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle 9

Chapter 2: So Why Cook Gluten-Free, Anyway? 19

Chapter 3: What’s Gluten-Free and What Isn’t? 39

Chapter 4: Making Nutrition Your Mission When You’re Cooking Gluten-Free 55

Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Kitchen and Pantry 65

Chapter 6: Planning Out Your Gluten-Free Week 75

Chapter 7: Shopping for the Gluten-Free Stuff You Need 81

Chapter 8: You Don’t Always Need Recipes 87

Part II: Mouthwatering Main Courses  99

Chapter 9: Gluten-Free Flours: Your Foundation for Great Breads and Pastries 101

Chapter 10: Fast Fixes: Making It Quick & Easy 107

Chapter 11: Breakfast: Don’t Leave Home Without It 127

Chapter 12: Brilliant Brunches, Luscious Lunches 157

Chapter 13: Diving into the Melting Pot: Ethnic Dishes 179

Chapter 14: Something’s Fishy ’Round Here 199

Chapter 15: Tastes Like Chicken: Poultry Dishes 209

Chapter 16: Meat Matters 223

Chapter 17: Making Memories with Meatless Dishes 241

Part III: Dishes to Enjoy Before, After, or Any Time  261

Chapter 18: Appetizing Appetizers 263

Chapter 19: Salads with Pizzazz 275

Chapter 20: Slurpilicious Soups 287

Chapter 21: Stupendous Snacks 303

Chapter 22: Decadent Desserts 315

Part IV: The Part of Tens  333

Chapter 23: Ten Easy-to-Prepare Comfort Foods 335

Chapter 24: Ten Ideas for Cooking Gluten-Free with the Kids 339

Appendix: Metric Conversion Guide  343

Index  347